Friday, August 21, 2009

summer's end

The end of summer is approaching quickly and I am so torn. In one way I am very excited because I’ll be starting my junior year of college. On the other hand I am terribly sad because once school starts there will be no more lazy weekends, no more spending hours reading random books and bridal magazines, and definitely no more addictions to reality shows. (Megan Wants a Millionaire, Kortney and Khloe Take Miami…I know, pathetic.) The older I get, the faster time flies. Especially since moving to South Carolina and being with Keith, time just goes by in an instant. I’ve been living here for over 8 months, been dating my bay for almost a year, and have been engaged for over 3 months…and all of these things feel like they happened just last night. No matter how often time races by, I will never get use to it.

“A life without love is like a year without summer” has got to be my favorite quote for this swift season. Although southern summers tend to be suffocating with the heat, I still adore the freedom I gain through summer break. I adore the adventurous spirit that comes over me and the longing I have to just lie in the grass (or on a hammock) with Keith and take in the moment. To me, there is something so magical about the unlimited possibilities summer gives to us and I am grateful that I did not waste mine. *sigh*

August 24th marks the first day of school and the first day of my new major. (Education!!!!) I am welcoming it with opens arms and with the hopes of an amazing semester. =o)

So, au revoir summer. You were fun this year. Until we meet again…

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Juana said...

I definitely agree with your summer blog! Ahhhh, it is bittersweet going back to school. As much as I love learning during the school year, I will miss summer! But as I always say "summer is just a state of mind" :)

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