Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wedding update

  • Due to difficulties with the date we wanted and accommodations at Southern Oaks Plantation, our wedding will be held at the beautiful Fleur de Lis Event Center in Mandeville, Louisiana.
  • Our wedding website is up and running! Please visit www.lindseyandkeith.com. It is password protected so please just email me and I'll give it to you. Don't forget to sign our guest book! =)
  • We have chosen our cake, the invitations, the photographer, the venue....we are nearly finished with all of the planning! Of course the details of travel arrangements are left to be discussed, but the only thing left to truly reserve are the flowers and bridesmaids dresses. Wooo hooo!
  • I have decided on which dress I will be wearing on my big day! It is so gorgeous and I can't wait for all of you to see it!
  • This really isn't a wedding update, but Keith and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary on September 21st!! How exciiiiiting!
  • We are pretty sure we know where we are going for our honeymoon, but it is not set in stone yet. We'd like to go to a resort in upstate New York that has an indoor water park! That way we'll be able to going skiing one day and then water sliding the next. We'll also be close enough to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame!

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