Monday, October 5, 2009


I have come to the conclusion that Monday needs to be renamed and I am suggesting Blahday. I don't mean to be a Negative Norah but goodness Mondays are just so difficult. Like today for instance. It wasn't all bad, but it was blah. It started off dark, cold, and rainy. Had this been any other day I would have just wanted to stay in bed and read a good book. However, since it was Monday it just made me feel heavy. I also overslept...something I tend to do a lot on this day. Obviously, Monday is also the beginning of the work week. (This one's self-explanatory) Today was particularly difficult because it was my first day on Weight Watchers. Let me just say that it was HARD and I was hungry all day. Day one is always the toughest. I've been on Weight Watchers before and have really enjoyed it. I gain so much energy, lose some weight, and am a lot healthier. I know that in a few days I will have adapted to the portion control/healthier choices thing, but until then I will just be a tad hungry.

I am going out on a limb here to say that the only good thing about this day is Monday Night Football. (I'm watching the Vikings & Packers game as I type this.) Okay, okay I take that back. I know that I am lucky to be given each day. I know that I am extremely blessed. I love every minute that I spend with my fiancé. I love that I get to talk to my Maw-Maw every morning before work. I am grateful for the freedom that I have. Honestly, I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.

So this is my prayer. I pray that the Lord would allow me to look past these "Blahdays" and that I would enjoy the time that I've been given. I pray that the heaviness I feel and the blahness would be replaced with joy and hope. I pray that each Monday would feel like a fresh start of a new week with unlimited possibilities.

I'm sorry for ranting and raving, but sometimes you just need to let it out.

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