Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIY adventure no. 1

Tonight I spent the majority of my time being a DIY-er. Before entering the wedding world I had no idea what DIY meant. Before wedding world I had never shopped at Michael's. Boy how things have changed! DIY means Do It Yourself. :o) I do not consider myself an artsy person. Other than collages in elementary school and a reeeeally bad paint job in my bedroom in Mandeville, I do not have experience in this area. However, after spending way too much time on and Etsy, I've been truly inspired. So inspired that I've decided to take on the following tasks for our wedding:
  1. Invitations
  2. Card Box
  3. Decorations
  4. Favors
  5. Centerpieces
  6. Boutineeres
  7. My bouquet (MAYBE)
I may sound a little crazy, but I really feel like I can do this. Even though I have school and work and editing and church and KC and EVERYTHING, I still want my wedding to have an personal touch. Other than burning my hand with the glue gun, I had such a fun time! So without further adue, here is what I've accomplished tonight.

*Card Box*

*Outdoor baskets to hang on trees*

(Flowers will be added)

*The mess that I made :o)*

Soooo can you guess what my theme might be? Here's a little hint...

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