Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day one

Last night KC and I began Day 1 of our P90X journey. As scared as I was to start this program I have to wasn't all that bad! I know in about a week I'm going to take that back, but seriously it was kind of fun! Day one was Chest, Back, and Ab Ripper. I did more push ups yesterday than I have in my whole life. Well, the girl kind anyway. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do 50 boy push ups by the time we hit 90 days. We also did pull ups. KC put this pull up bar on my bathroom door and I literally thought the whole frame was going to just collapse! Lol I'm happy to report that it didn't. He did such a great job with his pull ups, while I on the other hand probably did a total of 1/2. I'm pretty sore today but I am so excited! Soreness means that I did something right! :o) I plan on documenting our crazy P90X/Weight Watchers journey so look out for more blogs to come! Please pray that Keith and I will stay focused and that we do not injure ourselves! Thanks so much!

*Keith's huge dumbbell and my tiny one. I think they're cute.*

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