Thursday, October 8, 2009

start spreadin' the news...

....I'm leaving today! I want to be apart of it New York, New York!!!!

The title of my blog is the title of an article that I read written by ESPN's Jayson Stark. The article basically said that the Yankees are going to win the World Series this year and I couldn't agree with him more. Love them or hate them, the Yankees are the best team in baseball right now. Says who? Says these guys:

• "A hundred and three wins in the AL East is pretty incredible," said an American League assistant GM.

• "I think the Yankees are the most balanced team in the AL," said another AL assistant. "I think CC [Sabathia] will put his past postseason demons behind him and lead the rotation. The lineup is as deep as any in the AL. And they have some guy named Rivera in the back of the 'pen."

• "They can pitch, and they can hit," said an NL executive. "And when you match them up with anybody, for me they win that matchup."

Okay a couple of MLB big shots complimented the Yanks...big deal right? Wrong. The facts speak for themselves:

The Yankees led the big leagues in runs scored, home runs, on-base percentage, slugging, OPS, extra-base hits and walks.

They had the best team ERA, the best second-half ERA and the lowest opponent OPS of all the AL postseason pitching staffs.

They have a closer (Mr. Mariano Rivera, ladies and gentlemen) with a 0.77 postseason ERA.

They're riding the best clubhouse vibe, the best grade in chemistry class, of any Yankees team in maybe a decade.

They put runs on the board at home (5.7 runs per game). They put runs on the board away from home (5.6 per game).

They hit left-handers (.286 AVG./.365 OBP/.480 SLUG). They hit right-handers (.282/.360/.476).

They can bludgeon you early (.828 OPS in the first inning). They can mug you late (15 walkoff wins -- second-most in franchise history).

They win at home (57-24). They win on the road (46-35).

They crush the bad teams (29-12 against the Orioles, A's, Royals and Indians). They beat up the good teams (27-17 against the Angels, Red Sox, Tigers, Twins and Phillies).

They even won a series in Anaheim -- for the first time in five years. And they went 9-1 in their last three series against the Red Sox.

I don't mean to sound cocky, but I truly feel like this is our year!! After reading this article by Stark my feelings are pretty much confirmed. Although I'm confident in my team, I am not getting my hopes up. I know quite well that just because a team performs well in the regular season they may not always do well in the playoffs. Anything can happen in a ball game. However, after watching my Yanks win over the Twins (7-2) last night I am throwing my worries away and wearing my heart on my sleeve. Words are a very powerful, you know?! So, here goes...the Yankees are going to win their 27th World Series title this year, and I for one cannot wait!

**All text that is not bolded is from this article.**

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