Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh how i want to be in that number...


I know that I'm a few days late, but on Sunday the New Orleans Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship and are going to the Superbowl!!!

The freaking SUPERBOWL!!!!!!

I cannot express the joy I had when Hartley kicked that beautiful field goal and WE WON THE GAME! For those of you who don't know much about the Saints, let me fill you in. Growing up, being a Saints fan meant being constantly disappointed and somewhat embarrassed. Year after year I would watch my parents put on their black and gold clothing (sometimes my Dad would even paint his bald head black and gold) and cheer on their team. And year after year, my parents and the majority of folks in Louisiana would refer to this team as the Aints. It was my 8th grade year when I began to notice how bad the Saints were and how poor of a coach the team had. His name was Jim Haslett, and he was terrible. The Saints also had a quarterback named Aaron Brooks. This guy would laugh after throwing interceptions (which he did ALL the time). So, I vowed that I would not be a devoted fan until these two clowns were gone. My wish came true in 2006 when Mr. Sean Payton came to town. Not only did he clean up the team, but he transformed the city.

Since then, I have been a crazy obsessed fan. Living only 40 minutes from downtown New Orleans encouraged my love for this team even more. In 2007 the Saints made their first NFC Championship appearance. I was working in NOLA as an Executive Assistant at the time and the city literally buzzed with excitement. Whether I was in line at the grocery store or in an elevator with complete strangers, everyone was talking about the Saints! Every car had a "Bless You Boys" sign in their window. We were proud of our team. Well, we ended up losing that game to the Chicago Bears. BUT, our time is now! It only took 42 years, but we've finally made it to the Superbowl. Win or lose, I am so very proud of my team. They've worked hard and deserve every bit of happiness. There is a video of fans in New Orleans right after we won the game. At the end of the video a jazz band and tons of fans marched down Bourbon St. singing the Who Dat chant. If you have a second, please watch it. It made my heart smile, and I hope it makes yours do the same. :o)

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