Monday, February 8, 2010

the path i've chosen

For a while now I've been questioning what I am doing with my educational career. Since I first began school in 2007 I have switch majors about 3 times. I think this is pretty normal, but being that I am about to begin my Junior year it is a little more difficult to change my mind. (Apparently I am on the 6 year plan.) My most recent major was English. I want/wanted to become a teacher. In the state of South Carolina I can become certified through a program called ABCTE and the only major requirement is to have a bachelor's degree. So basically I can major in anything I'd like and still become a teacher.

I recently decided what I want to earn my degree in. Before I tell you, I'd like to say that I have not a clue what I would do in this field (because I'd like to be home with my family) but I feel in my heart that it's the right thing to do. I may still become a teacher or maybe the Lord will open a door for me to use what I've learned at Regent. Well, here goes nothing...

I have officially switched my major to Criminal Justice. I don't plan on becoming a police officer or crime scene investigator, but I just feel like this is what I need to be learning about. I am always ranting and raving about innocent lives being stolen and I figure this could be a way for me to really do something about it. Whether I end up teaching, in politics, in a courtroom, or whatever else there is out there, switching to this major makes me feel like I've found my purpose. Only God knows what the future holds, and I am going to trust Him 100%.

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