Saturday, March 20, 2010

honeymoon recap: day 3 & 4

Day 3 of our honeymoon pretty much consisted of doing nothing. We were so exhausted from Magic Kingdom that we decided to just lay around all day. We talked a bunch, ate a ton of Oreos, and watched a whole lot of HGTV. (Home and Garden TV....AMAZING!) I only took two pictures on this day.

The first is of KC hogging the remote...

Annnnd here's my response to that. Not. Happy. ;o)

Day 4 was a yucky, rainy day. That night we drove to Tampa for the Yankees/Braves spring training game. I had really been looking forward to seeing my Yanks play...especially since we had tickets 3 rows behind the dugout!!!

Here's the sign that I made in the truck on the way to the game. The poor thing never even saw the field.

Because of THIS! We were literally driving in tornado warning weather!

Here's our "this is crazy, let's try to stay positive" thumbs up faces.

We made it to the game on time...and then came the rain delay. Not a surprise.

While we waited, we ate yummy hot dogs...

Sat on the gross floor... (Hey! At least we weren't getting wet!)

And then we went back to the condo. After a 45 minute rain delay, the game was canceled. (At least we got a refund!) I never even saw the Yankees!!!! For those of you who know me, you know that I am a devoted Yankee fan. Win or lose, this southern girl roots for the Yanks. As disappointed as I was, I know that eventually I will get to see my team play. Hmmm...I guess this means KC and I are headed to NYC this fall!!! :o)


Sarah Ann said...

That's so sad, but I'm sure it was wonderful being on your honeymoon :)

I'm having a giveaway at my blog! Come enter!!!!

lindsey said...

Lol yes, we definitely still had a great time! :o) I did see your giveaway and I will certainly go enter.

Have you checked out the organization Not For Sale? ( They are always having conferences and such about ways to end this disgusting act. Last summer I worked with SC's regional director Maryse to develop a hygiene kit for rescued victims. It really is a great organization! I had not heard of NightLight Interational and I am so glad that you wrote about them!

Sarah, you and I should meet for coffee one day...we have soo much in common!

Anna Baur said...

Oh my goodness! that's so crazy! I'm so sorry you didn't get to see your beloved Yankees, but hopefully, you'll get to see them at another game soon now that the season's starting up!!

Sarah Ann said...

Yes! I would love to meet for coffee! :) I love talking about this stuff, and I've heard you are an awesome girl!
Also, if you aren't involved in a small group, we'd love to get you involved in one at Genesis! Mine is on Wednesdays and Chelsie's is on Mondays! Tonight, we are talking about outreach opportunities and different organizations - I'd love to hear your experiences!!

Let's plan something!

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