Friday, March 19, 2010

the plane, boss! the plane!

One of my favorite things about living in the Charleston area is the opportunity I have to see military planes flying. I usually see about one a day, but if I'm lucky I see more than I can handle. Working near the airport is another plus, as I get to monitor the construction of Boeing's new site. I have an odd fascination with aviation, the Air Force, WWII, and WASP. (I actually joined the AF after high school. No, seriously I did.) And while I hate the alarming amount of obnoxious drivers here, I adore the sky. I have many crazy goals, and one of them is to learn how to fly and become a licensed pilot. I don't know if it'll ever happen, but until then I'm content watching these big, beautiful planes from the ground below.


Miss Jessica said...

I have an obsession with planes, too, but mostly little ones like Cessnas. My first semester of college, I went to an out-of-state school and became friends with an aviation major who'd been flying since he was 13 or 14. When he found out I LOVED flying, he invited me to come along on a few flights. I went up with him in a tiny plane several times during my semester down there. Those were my best memories---though my parents weren't too happy that I just "jumped into a plane with some guy I hardly knew." Haha.

But anyway, as much as I would love to be a pilot... I've decided that if all else fails, a career as a flight attendant will be my Plan B. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours and am excited to see the decorating progress of you and your hubby.

lindsey said...

Lol that is too funny...jumping into a plane with a guy you hardly knew! Have you ever seen Riding in Cars With Boys? Kinda reminds me of that! :o) Thanks for commenting!

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