Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

There are a few things that I've been meaning to share on my little blog, but instead of turning each topic into a separate post, I wanted to just unload everything today. :o)

* I have booked a photographer to shoot my Trash the Dress session! Back in July I asked you guys whether or not I should keep my wedding dress, or trash it. I got a great mixed response and ultimately decided to trash it. While I think it's beautiful and would like to keep it, I am more of a picture person and feel like this is the best way to "keep" my dress. The session is at the end of October and will be held at the beach. Yay! Does anyone have recommendations for waterproof make-up?? The pictures below are what I have in mind.


* Speaking of trashing my dress...this means I'll have to fit in my dress again. Boy do I wish that I wouldn't have lost 10+ pounds right before my fitting. I'm pretty sure I gained that amount back on the honeymoon. (Okay, maybe not, but you get what I'm saying) I have a little over a month to get my lazy butt back in gear and I'm pretty excited about it. This is just what I need to stay committed and to jump start my plan to eat healthy and exercise regularly. **Pray for me.**

* Back in June I told you guys about my oldest sponsor child, Wilkemberg abruptly leaving the sponsorship program. My heart was broken and I felt like I could have done more. I could have written more often, donated more to his family, gone visit him....just more. Well, on Monday I received the most amazing phone call from Compassion! They told me that Wilkemberg has rejoined the program!!!! :o) I am beyond exited about this!! Wilkemberg will be going back to the project and begin to learn about Jesus again! When I found out this exciting news, I was overcome with emotion. I felt pure joy, love, and embarrassment. I felt God say "Did you think I couldn't handle this?" This was a very humbling experience, and I cried for a long time. Praise Him for this amazing little boy coming back!

* Marathon training began a few weeks ago, and I have already hit a very large bump in the road. In 2008 I injured my IT band in my left leg after my first 10 mile run. While this is a pretty common runner's injury, it is very painful and makes it very hard to run. I have been taking it easy with running in general, but I'm worried if it doesn't get better soon that I won't be able to catch up on my training. I am hoping that this gets better soon so that I can rejoin my team! Check out this article that was written about Team SP's efforts to raise money for clean water projects. Yours truly interview for this! :o)

That's pretty much all of the tidbits that I wanted to share. I want you guys to know that I really do appreciate all of you. Your kindness, support, and honesty really makes my days so much better. You are all lovely and I hope that today is wonderful. <3>


Lauren said...

Oh can't wait to see the photos from your trash the dress session! I'm sure they'll be beautiful!

Chloƫ said...

Aww how fun! I'm too chicken to trash my dress, but your pictures will undoubtedly be awesome.

And if you're having IT problems, GET A FOAM ROLLER. Seriously, they're awesome. I wish I had one when I trained for my marathon. Might've actually finished a lot faster if my IT band didn't harass me the way it did.

Emma said...

I'm not married, engaged, or even dating, but I LOVE looking at blogs of wedding and engagement photos. Some of my favorites come from Trashing the Dress sessions. Have fun; I bet the beach shots will turn out beautiful!

Kara Lynn said...

Wanna see my "trash the dress" pics? I am on Facebook as Kara Lynn Penrod if you wanna check it out.

Kara Lynn said...

Oh, and for make-up, I just used lipstick for everything. I used lipstick for my blush and brown lipstick for my eyeshadow. The best waterproof mascara I have found is Ulta brand mascara. I have put that on and not washed my eyelashes, and it lasted for 6 days. My eye lashes still got wet every day in the shower, I just never scrubbed them.

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