Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change of Plans

My night went a little different than I had planned. I thought I'd workout, then watch Chuck and Monday Night Football, while spending time with the hubs and getting a little homework done. You know, a nice, low key evening. Well, this is what actually happened.

Right after work my friend Allison came over and we did Pilates. It was very relaxing and a great workout. (We're still having a bit of trouble with the "seal" workout, but we'll get it soon! Hehe)

Every Monday Keith has been playing tennis with a few of his friends, so last night was no different. Instead of watching Chuck without him, I decided to wait until tonight to watch it. (Mucho wife points earned) So what's a girl to do? Watch Dancing With the Stars! I've never been a huge fan, but I think that's about to change. I really loved the show last night! Kurt Warren did a surprisingly awesome job and I was thoroughly entertained! Guess that's just one more show I'll be hooked to this Fall!


And then the Saints game happened. Holy freaking guacamole. That game nearly killed me! The top incidents that will contribute to my gray hair were:
  • 3 turnovers from the 49ers (thank you much!)
  • Reggie getting hurt
  • Getting a 29 yard penalty for pass interference (against the Saints), only to intercept the ball. WOW!
  • A 49er 2 point conversion being no good -- oh wait, it was good...grrrr..
  • Hartley's very low, but very good winning field goal
AH! It was nuts and I was freaking out. At midnight. I've been a Saints fan for the majority of my life, so I'm used to this, but seriously guys???

We won 25 - 22. Whew!

Needless to say, it wasn't a "relaxing" night, but it was a great night indeed. WHO DAT! :o)


brae&joey said...

I planned for a relaxing low key night but that game would cause anyone's plans for that to be ruined! But hey, a WIN is a WIN! We will take it!

Lindsey said...

i'm totally with you on the nail biter that the saints played in last night... my bf is a huge niners fan - but i'm a saints fan [one of our good friends plays for them] so i was totally wanting the 2 pt conversion original call to stand - booo for instant replay!

oh well - a win is a win!

happy tuesday - i'm beyond tired as well today!

Kristin said...

I watched DWTS last night too, and was pleasantly surprised! I liked the little guy Corey -he was adorable- and also Jennifer Gray. You know where I'll be every Monday night now :-)

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