Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Good Life

* Tonight is the season 4 premiere of Chuck and Monday Night Football - Saints vs. the 49ers! It's going to be a GREAT night! :o)

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Not to mention that Glee is back on Tuesday!!!! Wooo hooo!

* Did anyone see or hear about Derek Jeter's "hit-by-pitch" fiasco?

How do you guys feel about it? I've spoken to a few people about it, and I'm getting mixed reactions. Some say "Ehhh that's baseball", while others think it's wrong. Here's my take on it - UNACCEPTABLE! Derek Jeter, you are the captain of the New York (freaking) Yankees and you should be ashamed of yourself! From the mouth of Mr. Captain himself:

"It's really a big deal being made out of nothing," Jeter said in the New York Yankee clubhouse before Friday night's game against the Baltimore Orioles. "I had nothing to do with the call. The umpire called it from the get-go. I didn't do it. I didn't tell myself to go to first base. I didn't make the call. He didn't ask me did it hit you and I said, 'Yeah, it hit me please let me go to first base.' It's comical to me that this is really getting this much attention." via

Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? We know that you didn't tell yourself to go to first base, but your acting convinced the ump to make that call! You are a player that has always been classy and respected...a player who is a role model to so many children and adults! Everyone makes mistakes, and it's not the end of the world, but you have certainly disappointed this Yankee fan!! Grrrr..... **Sorry to freak out, but this really ticked me off.**

* Friday night Keith and I finally watched Letters to Juliet, and we both loved it! Two thumbs waaay up! :o) Keith said that it was one of the best chick flick that he's ever seen. Yay! I'll definitely be purchasing this DVD soon.

* I'd like to extend my deepest congratulations to LawSchoolDreamer who received her first acceptance letter to law school, and also a FULL RIDE scholarship!!!! I am so very happy for her and so inspired!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

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Chloƫ said...

haha as being someone who has loathed the yankees for all eternity, I have to say that the video made me laugh, and didn't really surprise me. Jeter is a nice guy, but at the end of the day, he's still a yankee. ;]

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Yes- SO excited for Glee tomorrow!!!

Lauren said...

We LOVE Chuck! But sometimes we feel like we're the only ones that watch it! So glad to find someone else who finds entertainment in such a fun show!

Lindsey said...

i'm totally ready for MNF!!! lets go saints!

Staley Mc said...

So excited for Chuck and Glee!

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