Friday, November 19, 2010

One Step Closer

Two weeks ago, Keith and I attended a law school forum in Atlanta, GA. (I know, I'm slack for not posting sooner. Sorryyyy.) We were only able to stay for a few hours, but we got to talk to most of my top school reps. I know that I shouldn't judge a school solely by my experience with the representative, but thanks to a few pleasant and not so pleasant experiences, it's going to be tough not to. I mean, the schools obviously trust their reps enough to have them as the face of their program. So while I will not making any drastic decisions due to a rep, it will definitely weigh in.

An LSU alumni told us we'd probably be divorced by the end of law school. Apparently, everyone in her class that was married has split. We left their table hand in hand, and very discouraged. Needless to say, LSU dropped to the lower have of my list.

U of Alabama Law
After the beating we received from LSU, we headed on over to Alabama's table, and at this point we were only looking for a second opinion about marriage and law school. The rep told us that she went through law school married, and it made their marriage stronger. Also, said they have a great spousal support system. We were thankful to speak with this kind lady, and felt better about marriage + law school.

Regent Law
Spoke with Director of Admissions and she was absolutely amazing! I'd receive a 15% discount for being a Regent graduate and she shared with us about her family's experience. One of the greatest things about Regent Law is that A) They are a Christian law school, and each class begins with prayer, and B) They just opened the Center for Global Justice, which focuses on human trafficking. This would be absolutely perfect since this is where my heart is at. We left Regent's table encouraged and excited about the possibility of attending.

U of Texas Law
Great rep! He spoke about campus life and about the law school community's strong bond. We also talked about Texas football and the athletic package offered to students. :o) He told me that I was more than my GPA and LSAT score, and to work on my personal statement. This was so encouraging! GO LONGHORNS! (i love texas) :o)

U of North Carolina Law
Rep was extremely intimidating, and I a was a bit scared to speak. Told the girl next to me that they have 3,000+ applicants for only 250 seats, so they can be as selective as they want. Ooookay.

Roger Williams
Reps were super friendly and answered all of my questions about their public interest programs. Talked about their location and how it has a colonial feel. They were very welcoming.

Oh, Chicago. I did not know that this school was a prestigious Top 5 school. I also didn't know that this lady was related to the Wicked Witch of the West. Had I known these two facts I wouldn't have looked twice. Unfortunately, we stopped and talked to an awful woman. She was beyond rude, and even if I was a 4.0/180 student, I would NEVER give Chicago the time of day.

Brooklyn, Emory, Georgia State, and Charle
ston Law all had mucho people at their tables whenever we passed by, so we were unable to speak with a rep. We did pick up information for each school though. I am especially bummed about not speaking to Brooklyn's rep, but hopefully Keith and I can make it to NYC in March and I can have a one-on-one meeting. :o)

Overall we had a really great experience, and I am very happy that we attended. Choosing a law school will depend on quite a few factors. Obviously, the whole getting accepted factor is key. After that, the things Keith and I are looking at are location, a good church, job placement rate, average indebtedness, scholarships offered...just to name a few.

I am super excited about this journey and am so motivated to study hard so that I can rock the LSAT! High LSAT score = acceptance to law school/scholarship $$ = a law degree = living the calling on my life & kicking human traffickers' butts!!!!

Law school, here we come!


Chloƫ said...

awesome! glad this trip helped you narrow down the school choices! :) come visit regent!!!!

Courtney said...

I live about 30 minutes from Georgia State and know quite a few people who went to GA State's law school! They said it was amazing!!! :)

Sarah Ann said...

You can do it! This first step is crazy but you're going to be a great lawyer!!

cait said...

Way to go girl...way to stay so positive and focused!! :)

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