Friday, December 3, 2010

Louisiana: Days 1 & 2

The drive from our home in Charleston, SC to my Maw-Maw's house in Kaplan, LA is definitely brutal. Keith and I left around 6pm on Tuesday, November 23rd and didn't arrive until 7:30am on the 24th. (It was really 8:30am since we lost an hour with the new time zone.) While the drive is tough, it is definitely worth it.

Once we arrived at my Maw-Maw's house, we visited with her for a short while and then took a nice 3 hour nap. By lunch time we were awake and ready to tackle our day. My little cousin, Colleen, was at my Maw's house on this day, and Keith and I had a blast spending time with the both of them. Colleen is seriously one of the most precious little girls I have ever met.

afternoon we headed over to my mom's for dinner. On our way, we picked up my friend Kori, AKA Flaml. It was a very relaxing night and I was so happy to be back in Louisiana. My Mom cooked a roast, rice and gravy, and corn and it was delicious! The night flew by too quickly, and before I knew it it was time to leave.

Me, Baby Joe, and Flaml

On Thanksgiving morning we woke up pretty early and headed over to my Me-Maw's house to spend time with my Mom's side of the family. The Saints were playing the Cowgirls that night, and the dress code for the day was either a Saints jersey, Saints shirt, or a fleur de lis shirt. :) I was the odd ball in my non-Who Dat attire, but all was well. The Saints BEAT the Cowgirls, and it was a glorious day. This was Keith's first time experiencing a Cajun Thanksgiving, and I think he really enjoyed himself. :)

Keith and my littlest sister, Lacey. I told them to smile and this is what they did. :)

My Me-Maw with all of the little grandchildren.

Me with my Godchild, Matthew.

Even the frog was decked out. WHO DAT! :)

Littlest sister, Mom, Me-Maw, Aunt Mandy, Little sister, and me.

After stuffing ourselves silly with turkey, ham, rice dressing, potato salad, green bean casserole, cheesecake, etc. we headed over to see my Dad's side of the family. I moved to SC in January 2009 and haven't seen some of my relatives since 2007. Needless to say, this was WAY overdue.

Top: Little sis Lauren, cousin Nicole, cousin Rhea, littlest sis Lacey
Bottom: Me, cousin/bff Lena, cousin Michelle


We had to have a jumping picture!

My 6.5' foot cousin Jacobi and me. We're only 1 year and 2 days apart. :)

After the family festivities, Keith and I headed to meet Flaml. We dropped Keith off at the movies with my cousin, Cade, and the two of them enjoyed the new Harry Potter movie. Flaml and I enjoyed girl talk at a nearby coffee shop. Thanksgiving day was one of the best days that I've had in a really long time. It was filled with family, friends, good food, and tons of love, and was without a doubt perfect.


A Wedding Story said...

LOVE the jumpy picture!! So cute!

cait said...

Glad you had such a great time!! Looks like so much fun with the family!

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