Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today is my Maw-Maw's 84th Birthday. :)

Every morning before work, I call her and we have a little chat. Sometimes they are funny, other times they are serious. But most times they are just plain nice. Over the past few years I've been asking her questions about her life, and here's a little of what she's told me:

She loves chocolate (and chocolate cake)
Her favorite character is Betty Boop
She worked in a hardware store for 50 years
She's been a widow for the same amount of time as she was married (I think 30 years each)
She prefers Perry Como over Frank Sinatra (AH??!?)
As for Hepburns, she prefers Katharine over Audrey (AH again??!?)
Her favorite birthday was her 60th
Her favorite actress is Sandra Bullock
She loves the color pink
She won't ever give up on anyone
I am her favorite grandchild (Hahah just kiiiiding, maybe.)

Happy Birthday Maw-Maw!!! I hope today treats you like a princess!


Lauren said...

Oh how sweet...and what a wonderful way to maintain your relationships with short, but oh so important phone calls!

Emma said...

Awww! What a cutie!

Happy Birthday to your grandma! :)

cait said...

That last pic is precious! What a wonderful memory to capture!

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