Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Finally Friday!

Is it just me or did this week draaag? As always, I am thrilled that today is Friday. :)

I'd like to take a second and thank you guys for sharing your clumsy/semi-clumsy stories with me. While I felt super bad that y'all have been hurt before, it made me smile knowing that I'm not alone. I am so grateful for the support I have through all of you. I am still feeling a bit sore, but I can tell my body is healing and I should be back to normal soon. 

On another note, I wanted to post an update on something I wrote back at the end of October called The Unspoken. In this post I shared problems in my life that were just too personal to write on my blog. These problems had become a constant cloud hanging over my head and were quite frankly taking over. Well, I am overjoyed to report that those problems are no more. 

They are GONE. 

Do I still have problems? Absolutely. But those suffocating very large problems from October are over. God has not only handled the issues, but He has made things a thousand times better. People issues have been resolved and relationships are forming. Geographic issues have improved drastically and I am starting to have roots in my current location (and I'm starting to like love it here!). And the issues I had with myself? Let's just say that the walls I've built have been getting shorter by the day. 

Life is good and I am unbelievably thankful. More so, God is good. But let's face it -- even when things were difficult, even when things just flat out sucked, God was still there and He was still good.

I hope you lovelies have a fantastic weekend. Take some time and enjoy life. Relax. Be productive. Sing. Nap. Kiss your worries goodbye. Whatever you do, enjoy it. 

All my love,


Lauren said...

Oh it makes me so happy to know that things are going better for you! Those seasons of life sure are rough, but it seems when we cling to God that we come out shining on the other side! TGIF for sure!

Kim Humes said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you! We all go through rough patches but as long as we deal with them in a positive way and be perserverant, we will get through them! Go you! Have a great weekend

Emma said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog - I'm glad that you've maintained your childhood silliness too! I think it's a wonderful thing to have.

Also, I'm so happy that things have been resolved for you. Our God is truly an awesome God!

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