Friday, January 28, 2011

Lovely Little Friday

I have determined that the absolute best song to brush your teeth to is this one:


Playing along with Fill in the Blank Friday!

Find it here!

1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things I would grab...if my house was on fire I would probably freak out and not grab anything, but if had to pick three things I'd say my editing computer (and the box of unedited wedding tapes), a box of pictures that I've collected from my childhood, and my three turtles. (That would be a sight to see...)

2. A smell I really like is my house after I've been cooking a roast all day, or my husband. He has the best natural smell ever. :)

3. Something you might not know about me is that I'm double jointed and can bend my pointy finger all the way back so that it touches the top of my hand...gross, I know.

4. Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are, Etsy, my favorite blogs, and FoxNews.

5. This weekend I will be attending a Young Married Life event at my church tonight, going on a date with my sweet tomorrow night, spending time with my sister and nephew, heading back to church for service, editing a wedding, doing homework, and trying to relax.

6. Nothing makes me happier than the moment that I get home from work, sit on Keith, and we just fit perfectly. (He gives the best hugs)

7. A bad habit I have is not managing my time well. I usually complete every task on my to-do lists, but lately it's been harder to juggle life.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!


lauren nicole said...

i just tried to bend my pointy finger back to the top of my hand.
it was unsuccessful.

have a great friday :))


chloƫ. said...

Husbands have the best and most comforting smell! Well, your own at least :)

Happy Friday <33

Megan said...

Ahhh, aren't husbands the best?? They smell amazing and fit you like a puzzle piece!!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Just found your lovely blog all the way from Seville, Spain (as your traffic feed has just told me). Found your bio really interesting being a Criminal Psychologist; so agree with you about criminal injustice.What admirable work you do also; very humbling. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Do pop over to my blog and enter our competition to win a gorgeous ring from our boutique.
Happy weekend ;-)

Elle Sees said...

i love little random lists like these!

Lauren said...

Nothing is better than coming home from work and getting that hug & kiss from your man. It is probably my favorite thing of the day.

PS. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, hope you come on over and check it out :)

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