Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Married Lover's Day

Our first married Valentine's Day turned out to be a great success. We both had to work during the day, but I arrived home to a clean house, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and Cadbury Bunny eggs. :)

(Cadbury eggs not shown -- they were eaten immediately.)

That night Keith and I cooked dinner together (steaks) and watched a wonderful movie, Life as We Know It.

After the movie, we headed into the "Man Cave" and played a Mario Kart type game on the Xbox. It was so much fun playing video games with the hubs, and I think we'll need to start doing that more often. :) At the last minute we decided to exchange gifts this year. I ended up getting Keith a watch, and he surprised me with these bad boys. 

Beauty and the Beast on Broadway tickets! :) The show is on tour right now, and will be stopping in Charleston in April! I saw The Little Mermaid show in NYC and it was absolutely fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this show! (Yes, I know I'm 25. So what. :))

I hope you guys had a lovely heart day, and are having a just as lovely week. TGI(almost)F!!


Michelle said...

What a great day! Beautiful flowers! I loved Life As We Know It! Such a cute movie. You'll love Beauty and the Beast!! It was so good. One of my favorite Broadway plays! Too bad you guys weren't coming to NY!

Lauren said...

Ok...seriously are we long-list sisters or relatives or something! We just went and saw Beauty & the Beast on Broadway last week and it was fabulous...and we saw Little Mermaid in NYC! Love it....and of course those flowers are beautiful! Valentine's Day certainly doens't have to be all about roses!

101thingsbeforeyoudie.com said...

You fit a LOT into one evening! What time did you get to bed? Usually by the time I get home (5:30-6:00pm, depending on errands) and clean up the house a bit, eaten dinner, and watched a little TV, its time to go bed! You young'uns!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Sounds perfect especially the eggs. I love cadbury eggs.

<3, New Follower

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