Friday, February 18, 2011

Wonderful News, Bittersweet Song

I would like to send sincere congratulations to my sister, Lauren and her brand new fiancé, Romeo! :) He proposed to her last night in downtown Charleston, and I am just so happy for them!! Lauren is a great girl and has unfortunately had her share of bad apples -- but her prince Romeo has found her. YAY! 

 How cute is this picture? 

I love you guys! :)


Yesterday while I was driving to work, I decided to listen to one of my favorite songs from the International Justice Mission's Freedom CD. It's called "When the Saints" by Sara Groves and it puts the spotlight on different aspects of freedom, as well as a sweet twist on the classic "When the Saints Go Marching In."

I've listened to this song many times, but yesterday was different. Yesterday, the lyrics hit me right in the stomach and brought tears to my eyes. Yesterday, God used this song to break my heart. It was sad and beautiful all at the same time. Has this ever happened to you? Has God used something like a song or a movie to break your heart? 

The lyrics below are what really got to me:

And when I'm weary and overwrought
with so many battles left unfought

I see the long quiet walk along the Underground Railroad
I see Harriet awakening to the value of her soul

I see the young missionary and the angry spear
I see his family returning with no trace of fear

I see the long hard shadows of Calcutta nights
I see the sister standing by the dying man's side

I see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor
I see the man with a passion come and kicking down the door

I see the man of sorrows and his long troubled road
I see the world on his shoulders and my easy load

And when the Saints go marching in
I want to be one of them

Happy Friday lovelies. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. :)


Bursting at the Seam said...

Congratulations Lauren & Romeo! God Bless!

Lindsey ~ I know exactly what you are talking about when you say that God used that song to break your heart.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, if you like giveaways, I am having one, in case you are interested I wanted you to know!

ALELY said...

congratulations to your sister and romeo!

i heart charleston and can't wait to go back and visit. planning to run the 10k in April and hope to spend an extra day or two wandering the charming streets of that beautiful little southern city.

thanks for sharing the song!

hope you are having a loveLee weekend.


BARBIE said...

Congratulations on the happy couple! Thank you for sharing the powerful lyrics to the song. Will have to pick up the CD for sure. I recently bought Exodus Cry's newest, "Hold On". It's so good!

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