Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Plan of Attack


Every year, I make a promise to myself to become the best possible version of me -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Each year is filled with highs and lows in which I discover lots about myself and my walk with God. However, the part I fail at every year is the physical part. And I hate it. I have never considered myself  "fat", but I know that I am not where I'd like to be. I'm a curvy girl, but I also have a few many extra layers of fat hanging around. My goal has never been to become a size 0, but I'd like to be a healthy 4. (Right now I'm a 6 on the border of an 8) 

On Sunday after I dropped Keith off at the airport I literally had a breakdown. (He will be out of town this week for work) I began eating my sadness away. What started out as being hungry quickly turned into a "I'm sad and I really don't care" mindset. I ate everything from Girl Scout Cookies (dang you thin mints!) to ice cream and Chinese food. When all was said and done I was so disgusted with myself. For me, this was rock bottom on the road to healthy.

So yesterday I did better. I ate only when I was hungry and made healthy choices. I even worked out -- in my underwear. I know it sounds crazy, but it really put everything into perspective. I am 25 years old and would absolutely never go out in public in a bathing suit in the shape that I'm in. I am not healthy. I am not happy with my body. And I never realized just how bad things looked.

So here's the real question: What am I going to do about it?

Am I just going to write this nice blog stating my concerns, only to come back in 6 months and realize I've done nothing? Am I going to be that girl who is constantly complaining about her body? 

The answer is simply no. I refuse to live this way any longer.

Every January 1st I vow "This is IT! This is THE year that I FINALLY reach my weight loss goal!" Well, you know what? Bump that. January 1st is nice and all, but how about starting over today, on this lovely March 29th?

Over the years I have collected quite the workout collection, so here is my plan of attack:

Mondays and Fridays


Wednesdays and Sundays




Monday - 30 Day Shred
Tuesday - NYC Ballet
Wednesday - Tae Bo
Thursday - Pilates
Friday - 30 Day Shred
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Tae Bo

I know that it takes more than working out, so I will be diligently logging my nutrition at SparkPeople.com. Furthermore, in order to hold myself accountable, I will be posting every Sunday about my progress. This way, I am held accountable by all of you, my sweet friends. I am hopeful that this time, I will be different. I am ready for a change and overjoyed that I will get to share this experience. Through thick and thin, I am making a commitment to do this.

**If anyone happens to be in this boat and would like to start an encouraging-support-you-daily group, please contact me. I would absolutely love to have you along on this ride. :)


Lauren said...

Good luck...I know you can do it! I've also recently decided that there is some extra in places that I don't want extra! I'm doing the Couch 2 5k program and watching what I eat! Can't wait to follow your progress!

Suze said...

good luck girl! i'll be rootin' for you! I want to start walking while get better at drinking water although this week i'm slacking :( I definately want to be in a healthy size down ! Any suggestions? I dont have any excercise equipment and havent joined a gym so walking/running out in my yard will have to do haha! I will also drink more water allowing tea at night! Whats your plan of attack besides all thsoe wonderful excercise videos?!

Bursting at the Seam said...

Good Luck! & know that you are not alone. I have quite the collection also, Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics, Hip Hop Abs, Power Yoga, Zumba; My excuse is I just don't have enough time.


Kori said...

So tough to stay in shape! I respect you for posting it! I hope you have an amazing Tuesday! Stop by and say hello! Kori xoxo


Michelle said...

I'm so with you! I'm going to start too! We can motivate each other!

Anna Baur said...

You can do it! The past few months, I gave myself this same kick in the rear to get in shape. I just hadn't been exercising or eating correctly, and I decided it was time to get healthy. I think the best thing for me was to find a few friends to share the ups and downs with (I'm here for you!!), and also, setting a schedule (which you have done! Yay!). This way, you have friends to eat with that also want to be healthy, and you know that you MUST work out on your schedule day. There is no question of if you want to workout, or any temptation to push it back until there is no time left in the day. Good luck! And feel free to message/call me if you ever need some encouragement! It is SO WORTH IT! :)

Venessa said...

I am totally in this boat too! And would love to be part of something that can be encouraging to others and myself! Feel free to email me at vscrazyblessedlife@gmail.com!! This journey is always better with support!

Heather said...

I need someone to keep me accountable to as well! I started a month ago and I'm down 11 pounds, and I already feel great!

Callie Nicole said...

Good for you! I'm trying to get in shape after baby, so I planning to post on Fridays about how I did during the week. I think it's a good way to keep myself accountable too.

angela's eyes. said...

Good luck! And keep in mind every little choice counts. My trainer told me to listen to my body, not my brain, when I'm struggling. Turn off that "I can't" voice in your head and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!


SydneysHome said...

Ok - after messing up my shins running (hopefully temporarily), I also need to get back on the exercise accountability bandwagon. Can I join in on the email fun?? sydneylshealy@gmail.com

Legally Lovely said...

Oh girl - weight loss has always been a huge deal for me. I think I've probably been overweight since the fourth grade. But, I'm in the same boat you are - trying to eat better and work out more. I probably won't blog about it, but I'll keep up with your progress and be happy to send you motivation! Hopefully reading about your success will help me stay on track too! :)

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