Monday, March 14, 2011

No. 4 - Go Sailing/Learn to Sail

On Saturday, I crossed #4, go sailing/learn to sail, off of my 30 Before 30 List!

In honor of our one year anniversary my husband and I signed up for a private Intro to Sailing course at a local sailing school. We met our instructor at the marina, and sailed from 2pm to 5pm. To say that we had a good time would be a huge understatement. Keith and I literally had the time of our lives on our little sailboat! From the start, our instructor had us backing our boat away from dock and we I literally steered the boat about 90% of the time. It was fantastic! 

Our boat

Our instructor Toby and the hubs

Me steering the boat!
Keith and Toby

Our sail

View of Charleston from our sailboat

Our view. :)

I love sailing!!

We went under the Ravenel Bride :)

Overall, I would absolutely rate this experience a 10! Our instructor was awesome, it was a gorgeous day, and we really loved being on the sailboat. Sailing is definitely my thing, and Keith and I are thinking about enrolling in a certification class. It feels great to scratch the first item off of my list, and I'm excited to tackle the next 29 things. :)

**Today is my husband's first day at his new job! If you can, please say a little prayer for him. He is a bit nervous/anxious/excited for this new journey. Thanks guys! 


Laura Darling said...

Oooh this looks like fun! And what a view!

Lauren said...

What a fun experience! Too bad we live in the Midwest where sailing is basically unavailable!

Bursting at the Seam said...

What an amazing experience that must have been and what a way to celebrate your anniversary. You look like you were having so much fun. I am so happy for you!!


Anna Baur said...

What a fun idea!!!! :)

Legally Lovely said...

That looks like such a blast! I'm glad that you were able to go and celebrate your anniversary too - what a great idea! Hope your hubby had a great first day!

Michelle said...

This looks like tons of fun! Yay for crossing something off your list! Hope you had a great anniversary together! Good Luck to your hubby on his first day! said...

I tried sailing when I was in 4H and I did not like it :(. I was not a natural. But I hope your husband had a great first day!

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