Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Do You Have to Lose?


 When you take that first step into the unknown
He won't let you go.
Britt Nicole

Yesterday around 1:30pm, I did something that I've been wanting to do for months almost a year. Most days on my way to and from work, I see the same man sitting in his wheelchair at different parts of a certain street. Sometimes he is sitting outside of the hardware store, other times he is heading down the sidewalk. Every time I see him, my heart hurts. 

For a little while I think it was a mix of curiosity and sympathy. The curious part made sense to me because I am always wondering about people and their stories. What happened in this person's life to get them to this moment? Are they happy? Do they know God? The sympathy somewhat puzzled me. Was I sympathetic simply because he was in a wheelchair? Or maybe because I thought he might be homeless? As far as I know this man could have a house down the street and be happy and content. 

Regardless, I felt that God wanted me to do something, but I just didn't know what. I prayed about it for along time and for Christmas, I decided I was going to buy him a Bible, some gloves, a gift card, and write a little note telling him that God loved him. Well, that never happened. Not only did I not buy his present, but during the months of December and January I never saw him. 

Until yesterday.

I was on my lunch break and was heading to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw him, and I got really nervous! This was my chance! So while I was in Walgreen's I asked God what to do. I didn't want to just go hand him money and be on my merry way. I wanted to plant a seed. I purchased a large bottle of water and a gift card, picked up my prescription, and headed outside to meet the man that had been heavy on my heart for almost a year.

I walked up to him and asked how he was doing, and if he lived in the area because I saw him often. He told me that he lives around the corner. I asked him if it was okay to give him the bottle of water I bought for him, and he kindly accepted. We introduced ourselves. His name is Alphonso. :) He then asked me if I had a few extra dollars, and this is when I pulled out the gift card. I told him I bought it for him because I felt that it's what God wanted me to do. I told him that my heart strings get pulled when I see him, and that I had to meet him. I told him that this was completely a God thing. He was so very appreciative and the look on his face meant the world to me. 

I don't know what he's going to spend that money on, and quite frankly all I can do is pray that it was a blessing. Yesterday, I did my best to plant a seed for God's Kingdom, and hopefully, I will be able to talk to Alphonso more in the future about Jesus. This was the first time I've ever done something like this, and with any luck it won't be the last.

The reason I wanted to write this blog was not to boast about a good deed, but to encourage those of you that have felt convicted to step out in faith. I was so scared to approach this man, but I felt God carrying me through the conversation. If God puts a desire in your heart, pray about it, and then go for it. Stop second guessing yourself, and just trust Him. The next time you see someone and feel compelled to say hello, give a few dollars, or just smile -- do it. You NEVER know what kind of day someone is having or how a small act of kindness will be received...not to mention, the feeling of joy you'll be washed with is priceless. Absolutely priceless. 

Please watch this is a favorite of mine, and is so very powerful. You know how athletes listen to music before a big game to get pumped up? Well, this is what I watch to get courage to be His hands and feet.



SydneysHome said...

Lindsey, that was such a great story. I'm so glad you did it; I know it would have been hard for me to muster up the courage. Also, a gift card was a great idea! Happy Wednesday!

Lauren said...

What a great story! I always struggle with having enough courage, so way to go! I know that the angels were smiling down on you!

Anne said...

I love it when God tugs at our heartstrings...and keeps on tugging until we follow Him. In the end, you never know how God will use our steps of faithfulness to change the lives around us.

God bless!

Bursting at the Seam said...


You are such an inspriation! Thank you for sharing your story.


Legally Lovely said...

Lindsey, what a sweet thing for you to do! It's amazing how God has a way of telling us what we need to do, and it was so good of you to listen to Him. I'm sure you were a blessing in that man's day.


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