Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Health Update no. 1

This week was my first week with a workout schedule, and I must say that I am pretty proud of myself. I mapped out my entire week, and stuck to it! Here's how my week went:

Monday - 30 Day Shred (23 min.)
Tuesday - NYC Ballet (55 min.)
Wednesday - Tae Bo (55 min.)
Thursday - Pilates (20 min.)
Friday - 30 Day Shred
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Tae Bo (55 min.) and 30 Day Shred (from Friday, 23 min.)

Each workout is entirely different, but I'd have to say my favorite is Tae Bo. This workout seriously kicks my behind, but in an amazing way. I know I've only been working out for one week, but I am already feeling so much better. A major factor in me sticking to this schedule was my husband being out of town all week.  (When he's home I just can't help but love on him) This upcoming week he'll be home, but I am determined to stick to it! 


This week I focused on making healthy choices, but I wasn't too strict. If I wanted to eat some candy, I did. However, I also ate incredibly healthy dinners (can we say chicken fajitas on wheat tortillas?) and my typical boring healthy lunch. (A sandwich on white wheat, baked chips, and yogurt.) Since this was my first week working out I didn't want to immediately begin my SparkPeople regimen. I will say that working out has made me go "Why in the world did I just work out for an hour if I am going to eat ice cream?!?!" So, that's good. :) Next week I will begin to keep a food journal. 

Next Week's Motivating Picture

Hilary Swank - long, lean, and muscular. Strong. I love this picture.


While I have weighed myself to know where I am starting, I will not be posting this number. The main reason is that I just don't want all the world to know my weight, but moreover I'd rather this journey not be about the number on the scale. This will be about my body's transformation and my health. I did take "Week One" pictures, but will not be posting those until I have some lovely "after" shots! :) My plan is to try my absolute hardest to not weigh myself every week. I have learned from the past that this will either discourage me or make me overly happy. (The overly happy part results into the mindset of "Oh, I lost 5 lbs. and I can afford to eat bad for one day." No, not happening this time!)

New Goal?

I have been thinking about creating a new goal that will keep me motivated on this journey. I tend to stay focused right out of the gate, but typically slack off. Besides all of the perks of being healthy and fit, I feel like I need a little something extra. So, here's what I've come up with:

On July 30th, I will post a picture of myself in a bathing suit  (Eeeek.) Whether it's a one or two piece, I'm not sure yet. (Does it really matter? Just the word bathing suit makes me nervous) BUT, what I do know is that this will most definitely keep my head in the game. What do y'all think?


That's all I've got! I'll be back next Sunday with more (hopefully great) updates! 


Jessica said...

You can do it!! You'll be such a motivation to us all!

Rachel said...

Good for you for having a great week of working out. Wishing you look, but you sound very determined so I am not sure you will need it :).

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Congratulations!!! Each small step will get your to your goal, and how brave to post a picture in swimwear. You need a big prize just for having the courage to do that. Good luck sweetie :-)

Venessa said...

What a great start. I am always good at the beginning too but then fall into the same things you do...that is where the support could come in for sure!

Kaci said...

I love the t-shirt! :) Good luck this week!

Anna Baur said...

Great job!! My doc told me that for a good cardio regimen you need at least twenty minutes of elevated heart rate 3 days a week, and for a good metabolic workout, you need at least forty minutes (heart rate does not matter for this one) four days a week...and it sounds like that is about what you have been doing :)

Also, how do I link my email to my comments?? just write it at the bottom, or do I change something in my settings? Thanks for your help!! Keep up the good work! :)

Lindsey said...

I'm a big yoga fan and Jillian Michael's has an awesome yoga DVD - lots of power moves. It has two 30 min segments to choose from or do both! If you get sick of any of your others, try this one!

Suze said...

such a motivation for me to start tomorrow!!!!

got my jillians DVD i'm ready to work out now , hit the ground running :)

angela's eyes. said...

This is awesome! I agree with you completely about not weighing yourself. The scale might go up at first, and you might even notice that your clothes become tighter - this is because your body is building muscle! I noticed that right away in my thighs especially. Focus on how you feel and the pounds will melt off in a month or so! Keep it up!

Beckie said...

Great job!!

And this is such a good idea...writing out all of it, setting specific goals, having motivational pictures. Great idea! I might have to do this :)

Callie Nicole said...

Good job! You are a brave girl - but I do think the swimsuit picture idea is a good one!

Claire Kiefer said...

OMG! Posting a pic of yourself in a bathing suit is GREAT motivation! If I committed to doing that, I'm pretty sure I'd eat well and exercise too, heehee. I'm sure you look great as you are, but I definitely understand the impulse to lose weight and get stronger.

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