Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Health Update no. 2


This week I unfortunately did not do as well as I'd hoped. Instead of working out 6 days a week I bumped it down to 5, but only worked out 3. 

Monday - NYC Ballet (55 min.) 
Tuesday - 30 Day Shred (23 min.)
Wednesday - Tae Bo (35 min.)
Thursday - Pilates (20 min.)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Tae Bo (55 min.)
My best workout was on Monday with the NYC Ballet. I really felt great after this workout, but my week seemed to go downhill from there. Working out 6 days a week just wasn't realistic with my schedule, but I am very disappointed that I only completed 3. I'm not going to beat myself up about it...just going to do better next week! 


This week I tried to keep a food diary, but that didn't really work too great. I did log the foods that I ate during the day at work, but in the evenings I would forget. I ate fairly well, but I have a confession -- I have zero control when it comes to Easter candy. Zip. Zilch. Nada! Tomorrow I will begin logging my food on and will hopefully be able to stick to a solid plan.

Next Week's Motivating Picture 

 Blake Lively - Svelte muscles, beautiful femininity.

I have not weighed myself since I first started my fitness regimen, so I have no idea how I am doing. I have been told by several people that I look "skinnier", but quite frankly that could just be from figure flattering clothes. However, I am happy to report that my shirts are feeling a bit looser in the arm area, and my pants are fitting a bit better. I plan on doing my first weigh-in next for Sunday's report. Wish me luck! :) 


This weekend I saw my friend Anna at church, and she asked me how things were going. I reeeeally wish I could have told her that they were going fantastic, but instead I confessed to her about the Easter candy that is lurking in my house. While I was a bit bummed about my report, this is exactly why I am posting about my progress! I need this accountability! So Anna, thank you for checking in on me! This week wasn't by best, but I am looking forward to the upcoming week's plan! :)


Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Why not set your goals a little lower i.e workout 3-4x per week instead of 6. So that when you can up the ante, it will be a bonus and you will feel fab, rather than feeling like you didn't achieve much.Also perhaps don't let Easter candy feel like a sin. It's when we say we shouldn't have something that we automatically want it more (it's how were are programmed unfortunately).Well done for all you DID achieve last week.xx

Anne said...

I think most girls have certain things that we have a reallllly hard time staying away from! For me: ice cream. So

Sounds like you're adjusting your expectations to fit with your schedule and that's great! I always found for me that it's easier to stay motivated that way, and then add in extra workouts when I have time, instead of over-estimating and then always being disappointed in myself for failing.

Keep up the good work!

Anna Baur said...

So glad to be a motivator :) Haha...but seriously, we all have this weeks. Great positive attitude thought...the only thing left to do is move forward! Don't let one off-week throw off your whole plan. And I seriously am considering getting the NYC Ballet sounds great!

Venessa said...

I am tracking my food on the website and while it is time consuming, I am finding it very helpful! Thanks again for putting the group together! I need to be brave and start posting about my progress! Email me anytime you need to!!!

christine donee said...

just found your blog and

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