Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Health Update no. 3


Last week I lowered my expectations after a few of you lovely bloggers suggested that I stop aiming so high. It was almost like I was setting myself up for failure, so this past week I aimed to workout 3 nights a week. How'd I do? Well, I ended up working out twice. Last week I was not feeling like myself...very fatigued and unmotivated. (Which is why this post is late) I actually ended up going to the Doctor yesterday because I couldn't take it anymore. Come to find out I have an upper respiratory infection. Blah. I am currently on a Z Pack and am starting to feel a bit better. Here's how my week went:

Monday - Nada. I picked up my little sister, Lacey from the airport this night!
Tuesday - Yoga (30 minutes)
Wednesday -Rest
Thursday - Pilates (25 minutes)
Friday -Nada. Movie night with my sis. (We watched Tangled, again!)
Saturday - Nada. My husband got back from being gone a week!
Sunday - Rest

This week was the first time I had tried Jillian Michael's Yoga, and oh my word was it nuts. I really didn't like much. I found that it hurt my joints, especially my knees and wrists, and was just praying for the 30 minutes to end quick! However, the next day I was so sore, so I may end up trying it again this week.


This is the hardest part for me. Last week I wanted to begin the SparkPeople regimen, but I failed. There's just something that I hate about counting calories and monitoring every single thing that I put into my mouth. I tried to just judge the food that I was eating, but I tend to overdue my portions. (Thank you, American society) For this current week my plan is to not beat myself up over the nutritional part of my journey. I'll take it one day at a time.

Next Week's Motivating Picture 

Carrie Underwood - Her legs are amazing. 


Well, I did it. I finally weighed myself and I am hating the results. I gained 1.5 lbs. Realistically I know that this is probably weight from the muscles that I am gaining, but I still hate it. I hate that this stupid number holds so much of my self-worth. On a brighter note, while my legs are nowhere near Mrs. Underwood's, they are starting to firm up. Also, my arms are starting to slim down and become defined. The one problem that I am having is that my tummy is gaining muscle (I can see the beginning of ABS!) but since I am not losing much fat, my tummy is starting to look bigger. Not. cool. If this doesn't motivate me to eat better then I don't know what will! 


This week was nothing special. Not my best, but I'm coming to realize that it's going to take many baby steps to get to where I want to be. And I am finally okay with that.


Suze said...

Baby steps girl. tHat is what i keep telling myself as i look at the scale! It is progress and when you work out and feel sore the next day that SO means it is working!!!! I def. recommend upping your water intake and on food just eat normal veggies,fruit , meat dont overly worry on that! promise :) Dont over do working out either, I rest either on Sat or Sun ! Hopefully this has helped some! Keep on Keepin' on , your doing just fine girlie :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Don't get discouraged Lindsey! You can do it! I'm not a fan of counting calories/carbs/points either, but if you eat sensibly you can make it work. Never eat a portion of meat larger than your palm, try to eat at least 3 servings of veggies each day - stay away from super sweet fruits like strawberries at first. Don't let that scale discourage you. Sometimes I don't even get on mine for a month at a time.

Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit! Love your inspirational picture - Carrie has some strong legs!!

Claire Kiefer said...

I totally hear you on all this--and for the record, I'm too scared to weight myself. You're being brave and strong, though! Jillian Michaels' yoga meltdown is intense! But you just might have motivated me to do it tonight.

Carrie's legs are ridiculous. How does she do it?!?!

From Broadway said...

That motivational picture certainly will motivate you. Good Luck!!

Dale said...

Great post, just found your blog and it sounds like you are very motivated. AND yea, that pic of Carrie Underwood and her legs is amazing. :)

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Michelle said...

Wow this is very cool. Great blog and amazing posts! Really like your way to write.

Kisses xoxo

Legally Lovely said...

Glad you are keeping up with it! Great picture this week - holy cow, Carrie's legs are smoking. Almost makes me want to turn vegetarian like her. :)

Good luck with your goals!

SydneysHome said...

Ahhhh - portion control. That's something that I'm awful at. But, I'm so encouraged by your persistence and honesty. And, I still plan to join in with you!

Courtney said...

I've always thought Carrie Underwood has some of the best legs in Hollywood. Great inspirational picture!

Rachel Marie said...

Hi! Maybe try throwing in some non-intensive exercise. I find that if I just go for a walk for an hour a couple days a week and then do a couple harder workouts I don't feel as anxious about exercising. Also, I follow a blog that has some good, healthy recipes that you could look at!

Her address is:

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