Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Health Update no. 4


For what it was, last week was fine. I only worked out on Thursday; my sister and I did pilates. I had good intentions, but it just didn't happen -- and that's okay. I didn't beat myself up over it. And even though I didn't work out too much, my body is feeling great. My legs feel strong and my muscles are becoming more defined. :) 


I did a little better than last week, but still not where I need to be. This Sunday was Easter, and while I didn't eat tons of candy, I did eat some wonderful home cooking at my mother-in-laws. Yum, yum. Last week I confessed that this is the toughest part for me, and nothing has changed. 

Next Week's Motivating Picture

Audrina Patridge - Her tummy (and body) is fantastically sculpted. 

I have yet to weigh myself since the last scale fiasco, but I am feeling great. I am still somewhat fighting off a sinus infection, but I feel like my energy level is way up. The part of my body that I am loving is my legs and how firm they have gotten. I still have so much work left to do to better my health, but I am finally on the right road, going the right way.


While I wish that would have really grasped this journey with a tight grip and would be reporting a loss of pounds, I really am satisfied with the baby steps I've taken. This weekly update has worked wonders, and has helped me to make right choices, even if they aren't the "perfect" choices. 

1 comment:

Suze said...

your doing great girlie! it will all pay off in time! baby steps help every step of the right way definately :) keep it up !!!! xx

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