Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth

Thanks to my little sister's change of plans, we decided to take a trip to the movies last night and see Water for Elephants. I finished reading the book last weekend and was very anxious to watch this story come to life. After my disappointment with Something Borrowed, I had pretty low expectations that this movie would do the book any justice.

Well, I was wrong.

This movie was absolutely superb. Yes, a few things were different but ultimately it stayed on track with the storyline. It was breathtaking. The actors, the setting, the wardrobe, the animals...all of it came to life in a way that made my heart flutter. 

Recently I have been reading a lot, and it all started when I laid my hands on Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I breezed through that novel, went on the Something Blue and continued with Emily's three other novels. After that I began Water for Elephants and am now reading Twilight. (Regardless of anyone's opinion of the Twilight series, I am loving the book.) The one thing that ties these books (other than EG's other three) together is the fact that they have been made into movies. I am completely captivated by the fact that a story can be created by an author and then come to life on the big screen. 

For me personally, another thing that these novels have in common is their ability to hook the reader. With the exception of WFE's slow start, I have not been able to put any of these books down. Seriously. When I'm hooked, I'm hooked. I read during my lunch breaks, when I get home from work, while I bathe, and before bed. Heck, I'd read at work if I knew it was acceptable. :)

As someone who loves to write, these books and movies inspire me tremendously. I was talking to my Grandmother this morning and she was telling me about a book that had her hooked. My grandmother is 84 years old and barely ever reads (apparently by the time she gets to the end, she won't remember the beginning) but read this book in one day because she was captivated. This book made her heart soar. I sincerely hope to write a book like that one day. By all means it does not have to be made into a movie, but a book that makes the reader literally want to jump in is a book worth writing.

So here's my question...which books have you been completely and utterly enchanted by? Jodie from Bursting at the Seams recommended the book The Help, and I actually saw a preview for this movie last night. Let me just say this movie looks amazing, and I can't wait to get my hands on the book! :) Thanks Jodie!

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Chels said...

I'm glad to hear your review of the movie because I have read the book and WANT to see it but have heard different things.. I still want to see it!

melifaif said...

I am right on track with you honey! I just finished WFE and!!!!! Wow. It took me there...I would go to bed {way too late at night} and I felt like I should smell of peanuts. Ha. I have many of the books you mentioned on deck. The Help is next. I read Eat, Pray, Love and well...that is what started me reading!!! I can't wait to see this movie now.

I'maNolaGirl said...

I loved both the book and movie version of Water for Elephants! You have to get started on The Help. It's one of the best books I've read in a long time.

Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

I have also read Water for Elephants and cannot wait to go see the movie. At this rate, I will probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but nonetheless, your wonderful gives me high hopes!

Just This said...

I want to know what book your Grandmother read and loved so much!

Legally Lovely said...

I'm glad to hear that you liked Water for Elephants so much; it's on my summer reading list. And, I was really disappointed in Something Borrowed too. Boo. It's funny that you mentioned The Help, because I was wondering if you were going to read that too as I was going through your post. I actually just finished it yesterday and it was SO GOOD. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out!

Bursting at the Seam said...

Thanks for the mention, Lady! I know that I am a little behind and should have thanked you much sooner. I hope you like the book when you get a chance to read it.


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