Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Wednesday

Today is May 4th and I am so happy/relieved/joyful. The past two weeks have been unbelievably hectic -- but that's all over now! The Spring semester has FINALLY finished, (YAY!!!!!! It feels like it went by soooo sloooow) and in August, I become a senior. Y'all, words do not express my joy over this news. I have been in school since 2007 and am so excited to begin my last year of undergrad. Praise God! :) Another reason life has been crazy is because of work. We have been extremely busy, and today I submitted a pretty large bid that was weighing heavily on my shoulders. I am sincerely looking forward to a slower paced week. (Fingers crossed)

Because I treat my blog like a journal and I want to make sure to document major news, I have to mention the Royal Wedding. I didn't wake up at 4am to watch, but I did feel tremendous joy for William, Kate, and their families. I watched the coverage while getting ready for work and that was pretty much it. I thought Kate looked gorgeous, and both her and the Prince seemed genuinely happy. I found this picture and thought it was precious.

Another thing I must mention is the death of Osama bin Laden. We all know what happened on Sunday and how he was killed by the US military...and I have to be honest when I say that I am happy that he is no more. Am I happy that he was killed? No, I'm not. I would never rejoice in the death of anyone. However, this was a man that fueled an absurdly dangerous terrorist group...a man who has killed countless, innocent people...and a man that has bred fear for years. As a Christian, I didn't know the "right" way to react. Yes, I was happy that bin Laden was no more, but I was also a little bothered. The Bible tells us that we should love our enemies, and while it's difficult sometimes, I believe the word of God. I also know that God is a just God. God loves justice, and regardless of what happened here on Earth, He has the final say so on the soul of a terrorist. I only pray that the death of this man does not breed a new line of hate amongst people.

What are y'all thoughts about everything that's happened in the past few days? 

**Keith and I received some potentially great, life changing news. I can't say anything yet, but if you guys could, please pray that God's will would be done in our lives and that we follow the right path.**


Suze said...

congrats on finishing spring semester, what an accomplishment!:)

I will be praying for you and keith and the news y'all have :)

Enjoy your wednesday!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Firstly congrats on becoming a Senior (from August)-what a lovely feeling for you.
Being British I of course watched the wedding from my home in Spain. I did get up at 6am to watch the full coverage, and not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two.
Like you I also wrestled with the fact that I was happy about bin Laden's demise. I had this very discussion with some clients this morning. Should we be openly rejoicing? I'm just worried that this visual display of rejoicing will trigger more maniacal attacks; how can it not? That's the sad world we live in :-(

Callie Nicole said...

Love that picture of Kate you found! So pretty. And I know what you mean about wanting to have the "right" reaction about Bin Laden's death as a Christian. I think you're right on track too! :-)

Kelly said...

You phrased the way I feel about Bin Laden's death perfectly. I'm happy he is gone, but I can't say that I would wish him death.

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