Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Health Update no. 7


This week I had hoped to work out at least three times, but it never happened. I'd usually feel really bad about this, however, I have excellent news to report in my let's skip to that!


On Monday I began Weight Watchers and I am happy to report that I absolutely positively LOVE it! :))) Monday was a bit rough and I ate more than I was allowed, but Tuesday through today I have stayed within range and actually have extra weekly points to burn! WOOP WOOP! The reason I slacked off of exercising was to give myself time to adjust to my new eating plan. Since I have always struggled with the nutritional part of this journey I felt that it was much more important to focus on this. I use my WW calculator to figure out points, and then log these points directly into the calculator. It is SO much easier to do this than to calorie count, and I am very excited that this is working for me! :)

Next Week's Motivating Picture

Lauren Conrad - A long, lean body without looking rail thin. Gorgeous! 


I have said this many times before, but I seriously hate the scale. If I see that I've lost weight, I get overly confident and start thinking "Hey! I lost 5 lbs, I can afford to eat this pint of ice cream" or the opposite happens and I feel helpless and defeated. On Monday I weighed myself to see my starting point and I am happy to report that I have lost 1 lb. I know it's not amazing, but it's a start, and I AM SO HAPPY! :)


Overall it has been a great week! I did not feel deprived of any food and have made great choices during my first week on WW. While I would have liked to exercise as well, I am happy with the progress I have made. Next week I'm hoping to keep up on WW and squeeze in a few work-outs.
To those on their own journey -- how is it going??


Mandee said...

wow that is great! You sound so positive and motivated. good luck to you!

Anna Baur said...

Great job on your nutrition!!! Start with some fun, more laid-back workouts next week to ease yourself back should make it easier to not burn out. :) The only way I keep my own workouts going is to remind myself of the wonderful feeling I have after I do, and to remind myself, also, of how grouchy I can get when I don't :) lol! That really helps me!

~April~ said...

Yay! Congrats on the pound!! :) I had another bad week, but I weigh-in tomorrow so we'll see what happens... Keep up the great work!

Kendra M said...

Nutrition is so tough. That's definitely what I struggle with. I just don't like all that healthy stuff...tastes like cardboard.

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