Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will Someone Please Rent Our House??


I previously mentioned that Keith and I hired a property management company to help us rent our home in Charleston. Well, last week this company was fired. 

I was originally going to write a long, whiny post about how this company failed to meet our expectations, was very late to their first showing, and even entered our home without our knowledge...thus setting off our security system and prompting a call asking if we would like to dispatch the police. (Not to mention, they sent me an empty envelope that was supposed to deliver the extra to my house but instead they blamed it on the postal service. Now, they are sending us a check so that we can re-key our home. AH!) 

Okay, so maybe I whined just a liiiittle up there, but I've decided to sum up this sob story and move on. I am happy that we no longer have to deal with incompetent people, but now we have our home listed on Craigslist...AKA Sketchville. I am being very careful to not fall victim to creepers and scammers, but it just creeps me out to list an ad on this site. 

So, now what? We are moving in two weeks and we have no one moving into our home. We already planned on paying August's mortgage, but we really don't want to do this. 

Anyone in the Charleston area looking for a rental home or knows someone who is? If your answer is yes, please contact me and I will send you our ad! Currently we have our home on Rent.com and Craigslist...any other sites we should check out?

On the bright side, I am handling this pretty well. Before I found out that we're expecting this move was completely stressing me out. Now that I am carrying life inside me (which by the way is completely miraculous) things just don't bother me as much. 


Yes, my hormones are on a rampage and I lose it every now and then, but I feel much more at peace knowing that no matter what happens in this move, everything will be okay. Lord, thank you for filling me with this peace in the midst of the chaos.


SydneysHome said...

Hi. Remind what part of Charleston you live in? There are typically a lot of interested renters at the Naval Weapons Stations (where hubs works). Are yall near there?

Lauren said...

Being an expectant momma sure does put everything in perspective...but I sure hope you find a renter very, very soon!

Legally Lovely said...

Oh, prayers that you find a renter and can keep calm! Also, my landlord has posted all her apartments on Craigslist, and she has GREAT tenants. (me included, haha). They are really all the best, so I hope you get some good luck on there too!

Miss Kait said...

Wow!! They really sound like a crappy company. Goodluck with finding someone, I wish I could help!

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