Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Happy (Fri)Day!

1. One of life's most simple pleasures is waking up each morning, and being blessed with the freedom of living in this country.

2. Women who have had children and therefore must know everything there is to know about pregnancy, and therefore offer me unsolicited advice/make me feel like I am a clueless idiot makes me want to punch someone.

3. I like my husband because, he believes in me even when I don't believe in myself.

4. Cooyon is a funny word. (Coo-yawh; this is a Cajun term for foolishness. :) )

5. If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would I guess it would be my Murad face wash...but at some point I'd want to switch things up. Maybe I'd choose one of those Clinque gift baskets? Would that work?

6. I'm happy that my Mom is coming visit next weekend! YAY!

7. I would never eat Oysters. Ever. The slimy texture and the stench really turns me off. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Bump - Week 12

As of today, I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. My sinuses have calmed down, energy is back and I am feeling amazing! :) I have been eating tomatoes with Italian dressing, baby dill pickles, and Apple Jacks like a crazy person. I haven't been able to eat any type of meat, unless it's the sliced steak from Moe's and sometimes I can handle chicken from Chic-fil-A. (LOVE the Honey BBQ Sauce...mmmm) My mood swings are happening less and less and I am so happy to be acting like a (semi) normal person. Thank God for that husband of mine! He has been so understanding and helpful. :) 

I'm excited that my bump is now beginning to show, but I can't wait until my tummy really pops! I love my little "tummy ponch" but I can't wait until it's an obvious prego belly. :)

Today we had our monthly appointment and were able to see Baby Christmas! 

He/she was very active and I was able to see my precious child bouncing around in my belly! What an amazing feeling! :) Because I have a tilted uterus they were not able to see what they were looking for, so we're heading back to the doc next week to see Baby C again! YAY! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday, Miscellany Monday!


*Hi ladies! :) I am SO happy to finally be blogging and not feeling like I'm forcing the words and fighting through exhaustion. Woop woop! I'll be 12 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and each day I feel like I'm getting more and more energy back! I am so thankful to have not experienced any morning sickness and am truly enjoying being pregnant. Keith and I have scheduled our gender determination appointment for the end of September and we seriously cannot wait to find out what Baby Christmas is!!! :D

* This week, Keith and I are booking one of the trips that I have listed on my 30 Before 30 list! I don't want to spill the beans before everything is booked, but I'll be back in a few days with the details! :)

* Today is the first day of classes for the hubs and me, and while we are glad to be back we're hoping for what will feel like a short and sweet semester. Our last two classes in the Spring felt like they just kept dragging on and on and fingers crossed! :) I had originally enrolled in 16 hours, but thanks to some newly discovered information about my college career I decided to drop biology this go round, so I'm now back to 12 hours. (I'll update on this semi-fiasco situation soon.)

* Is it just me, or has anyone else been listening to Christmas?

I usually listen to a little bit here and there throughout the year, but wow. Lately it's all I've been wanting to jam to! I know it's a bit early, but I have definitely been bitten by the Christmas bug. Even before I married a Christmas, I have always been this way and always loved Christmas music. Now that I'm Lindsey Christmas, it's just a that much sweeter. :)

My current fave. I literally could have posted 20 videos, but this one wins. :)

I get goosebumps every time I hear that song. Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices. Oh niiiiight, divine, oh night divine when Christ was born... *sigh* 

This is quite a random post, but hey it's Monday! I hope you lovelies have a wonderful day! :)
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

See this picture? That's me and one of my best and dearest friends, Kori. (AKA's a long story)

Today, she married the love of her life Jeramy in Lafayette, Louisiana. The hubs and I were supposed to be there, but thanks to a few unexpected curve balls (thanks life, really appreciated it!!!) we were stuck in Atlanta. :(

BUT -- do you see this picture? That's my other best and most dearest friend, Kim. She's brilliant I tell ya...because she downloaded Skype on her phone and videoed Kori's wedding for me!!!!

That's right -- instead of moping around my house because I am MIA for my bestie's wedding, I got to watch the entire ceremony online!!! Not only this, but I got to video chat with the bride a few minutes before she walked down the aisle! 

Me watching the wedding! Excuse the hair -- it's been my style of choice for days...

Girls, my heart is soaring! The ceremony was just lovely and Kori looked absolutely amazing. I am so very thankful for the Kim's effort and for technology!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



I have been wanting to post about so many things, but to be perfectly honest I am just too tired to sit down and gather my thoughts. This pregnancy has treated me very kind so far, and I have had zero morning sickness. However, I have absolutely no energy to blog. The energy I do have is spent doing things around my house, getting prepared for the upcoming semester, reading, and editing. And that's about it. So, instead of leaving my blog at a standstill I thought I'd post a quote that I heard recently that has inspired me and made my heart smile. I hope it does the same for you. :)

Whatever God asks you to be, He enables you to be.
Anne Ortlund 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updating My 30 Before 30


It's been almost seven months since I've created my 30 Before 30 list, and I have only scratched one thing off. Now this really isn't that big of a deal since I've given myself 5 years to complete 30 tasks, however I do not want to waste any time tackling these wonderful experiences. I also don't want to procrastinate and end up with 20 things left in my last couple of years. 

So what's the plan?

Well, for starters I am going to revise this list. I know, I know this is technically against the rules, but as I've been reading over my list there are a few things missing and a few existing things that make a wonder what in the world was I thinking, and well this list needs to be a reflection of me. So, here's what we're going to change up!

#13 was learn to sew and is now learn to play the piano. While I want to learn how to do both of these things, I have a much stronger desire to learn how to play the piano. Since this isn't a 31 before 30 list, I am choosing to alter #13 on my list. 

#17 was watch 155 of IMDB's top 250 movies and is now spend the day with beluga whales. To be able to watch these 155 movies in 5 years I would have to watch 31 movies a year. While these movies are ones that I truly must watch at some point, it is a very daunting task. And I want this list to be something fun that helps me reach the big 3-0...and for me, swimming with/learning about sweet beluga whales is a perfect replacement. Keith and I have visited the Atlanta Aquarium twice this year and each time I have been completely captivated by these creatures. I can even meet these guys here in Atlanta thanks to a new program offered here in ATL! :) So, that's that.

#30 was get accepted/graduate from law school and is now get accepted to law school. When I created this list the plan was to enroll in law school in 2012 and graduate by 2015 or by 30 years old. I had already postponed law school before I found out that I was pregnant, but now that we're expecting I will most likely postpone for at least one more year. So, the focus now is to get accepted to law school before I turn 30 years old.

What do you guys think? Did I chop my list up too much? Are these replacements/adjustments acceptable? I'll be back soon with my timeline of how I am going to accomplish everything by my 30th birthday! :) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life in Georgia


So far, life in Georgia is very different than life in South Carolina was. For starters, I get to see that sweet husband of mine everyday! It may sound silly, but I was a tiny bit nervous about how we would act around each other after being apart Monday - Friday for 5 months. Would be bicker? Would we revert back to our honeymoon days? Would we annoy each other?!? Well, I am happy to report that we easily jumped back into our routine and it has been marital bliss. :)

Another thing that is very different is my job schedule. Back in Charleston I worked 9-5 every weekday at a place I was mostly happy at. Working full-time is all I've ever known, and I've been doing that since I was 18 years old. Now, I am working part-time from home editing weddings for my grandmother's videography business. Yesterday we set up the office and starting today I will begin editing around 4 hours a day! I'll be editing weddings, but here's a baby dedication I did for my bro/sis in law to give you guys and idea of what I'll be doing.

I was a bit hesitant to work part-time, however school is starting at the end of the month and I'm taking a whopping 16 hours. Working a full-time j-o-b would have definitely not blended well! (Side note - I hate how I get SO excited for classes to start, and then once they're here it's like BAM. Reality. What was I thinking?!?!)

While we haven't been able to venture out and explore our new town yet, we are very excited to get to know Atlanta and meet new people. Actually, someone who has inspired me greatly may be moving here, but more on that later! 

Have a great Tuesday lovelies!  
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