Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life in Georgia


So far, life in Georgia is very different than life in South Carolina was. For starters, I get to see that sweet husband of mine everyday! It may sound silly, but I was a tiny bit nervous about how we would act around each other after being apart Monday - Friday for 5 months. Would be bicker? Would we revert back to our honeymoon days? Would we annoy each other?!? Well, I am happy to report that we easily jumped back into our routine and it has been marital bliss. :)

Another thing that is very different is my job schedule. Back in Charleston I worked 9-5 every weekday at a place I was mostly happy at. Working full-time is all I've ever known, and I've been doing that since I was 18 years old. Now, I am working part-time from home editing weddings for my grandmother's videography business. Yesterday we set up the office and starting today I will begin editing around 4 hours a day! I'll be editing weddings, but here's a baby dedication I did for my bro/sis in law to give you guys and idea of what I'll be doing.

I was a bit hesitant to work part-time, however school is starting at the end of the month and I'm taking a whopping 16 hours. Working a full-time j-o-b would have definitely not blended well! (Side note - I hate how I get SO excited for classes to start, and then once they're here it's like BAM. Reality. What was I thinking?!?!)

While we haven't been able to venture out and explore our new town yet, we are very excited to get to know Atlanta and meet new people. Actually, someone who has inspired me greatly may be moving here, but more on that later! 

Have a great Tuesday lovelies!  


Lauren said...

Glad things are going so well! And what fun to edit wedding videos for a job!

Anna Baur said...

So glad you are settling in well!! :) Hope your job and school situation works out well!!

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