Friday, November 4, 2011

Clarity, Part 1

Last month I spilled my heart out on a topic that left me at a crossroads in my life. Long story short, I was trying to determine who I wanted to be other than a mother and a wife. Which one of my big dreams did I want to focus on and accomplish, instead of always yearning for the next project. 

I am happy to report that things have been going amazing, and I have not been sitting around making lists and analyzing the pros and cons to each dream. (This in itself is a miracle!) Instead, I have been given the clarity I so desperately wanted, and have been studying and preparing myself for what's next.

So what is it? 

Well, as I've written about before, my heart absolutely breaks when it comes to human trafficking. The fact that more people are enslaved today than during the African slave trade completely baffles me. And what's worse? Most people in today's society have no idea it is even happening. Furthermore, if they do know about it, they think it happens in places like "the Sudan", not here in America. (Someone actually told me that) 

So, as I was praying and seeking guidance from the One who holds me in His hands, different news stories, organizations, and facts were placed in front of me that completely grabbed all of my attention. These weren't things I'd never read about before, but this time when I read them my whole being ached. I was literally falling apart every time a new story was placed in front of me. It was through this that I felt God calling me to leave my other goals and dreams (Seeing the world, moving my family to Italy, getting my pilots license) behind and focus on this one.

So should I choose the path that leads me to lawyerhood and fight trafficking that way? I don't know yet. Should I become a full-time missionary and rescue girls out of slavery? I don't know yet. And you know what? I don't have to know these things yet. Here I sit, pointed in the right direction, learning and growing in Him and learning more and more about myself. The one thing I do know is that I am called to a specific area, and am preparing myself to be His hands and feet there.

You guys are never going to believe what happened next in this insanely wonderful journey that has only just begun.

To be continued...

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chloƫ. said...

Excited to read more about what God's doing!

Lauren said...

definitely looking forward to hearing how God is moving in your life! It's always so exciting when God does his thing!

. said...

Amazing to see you follow God! Can't wait to see whats next.

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