Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Bump - Weeks 27 & 28 and Gavin's 4D!

At the beginning of the month, Keith and I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound of our sweet baby boy. The appointment was in the morning, and unfortunately Gavin was asleep with his hands AND feet in his face! Lol even though the pictures didn't come out as great as we'd hoped, we had a great time. Plus, we registered our session online and family members from South Carolina and Louisiana were able to watch it live! It was awesome. 

 Face shot -- the line across his eye is the umbilical cord.

Hands, toes and face!

Gav's face! His nose was pressing against my belly!

His face, with both feet crossed!

I am so anxious to meet this little man! Only 78 days until my due date...boy is time flying by!


 27weeks, 5 days

28 weeks, 3 days

For weeks 27 and 28, things were pretty smooth. My biggest struggles were with sporadic heartburn (oatmeal causes it but pizza doesn't?) and nosebleeds. My energy level was high and I was able to accomplish a lot during these last few weeks before Christmas and finals. During week 28 I had my glucose test done and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Due to my blood type not being compatible with my husband's, I had to have a RhoGAM shot. It wasn't too bad, but for two days after the area around the injection site (lower back!) was severely sore...I could barely walk! But, the soreness is gone and things are going well. 

I am now at the stage where doctor's appointments will be every two weeks. It is hard to believe that the third trimester has arrived and this sweet life inside of me is a mere 12 weeks away from entering this world. It is very surreal knowing that Keith and I are going to be responsible for this child. We'll no longer be a couple, but a trio. Parents. A family of three. Thank you, Lord!


Brittany said...

You look cuter and cuter every week! Other pregnant women around you must be totally jealous.

Kaci said...

Awhh very sweet and awesome that family could watch online!! You look great!

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