Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Cajun Thanksgiving and Baby Shower #1

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Keith and I traveled made the 9.5 hour trek to Louisiana to spend time with my side of the family. We're only able to make this trip once (or max twice) a year, so when we go we know we must spend quality time with loved ones, as well as eat as much Cajun food as possible. :) Since this was the only time we'd be in town before Gavin in born, my Mom threw us a baby shower!

Here's our recap. 

Me, my littlest sister Lacey, and my Mom

Keith, Gavin and me :)

Maw and me.

My attempt at a belly shot -- well, I got my belly!

My cousins Lena and Nicole
with little Marley (Nicole's daughter) and me

The cutest little stray cat at my Mom's house. 
We've convinced them to keep him, and I named him Boudin. (Yeah, sha!)

My future daughter-in-law, Leighton. 
(Yes, Baby Gavin's wife has already been chosen. Is that illegal? lol)

 Kim, Baby Leighton, and me

 Baby Shower time! :) 

My Mom, the morning of the shower. 
She literally wore a Who Dat shirt everyday we were there. :)

Mom's boyfriend, Les, me, and Mom  

love, love, love

The yummy cake! Y' was seriously SO good!

 SO happy with this cake! :)

 Baby clothesline

Love notes for Baby Gavin, compliments of Etsy!

 "Baby Gavin, I hope you have a healthy life." 
Note that my 10 year old Godson wrote. :)

 Lacey (sister), Mandy (Aunt), me, Mom, and my Me-Maw

Friends. <3 I absolutely adore these people. 

Me, Ms. Bonnie, Mom and Michelle (cousin) 

The cutest little burp clothes! :)

Opening gifts!

Whew, sorry for the picture overload! :) Keith and I received so many wonderful gifts at the shower (the crib, Gav's bedding, a baby swing, bassinet, and more!) and are very thankful for everyone's kindness and generosity. Overall, the trip was wonderful. There was a bit of family drama, but it wouldn't be the holidays without a few crazy family members acting up. ;)

I hope all of you lovely readers enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


Kaci said...

Awhhh glad you guys got some nice things!! YAY! =)

Lauren said...

love all those pics! you'll be so glad you have them later on...I'm certainly enjoying looking back on my preggo pictures as this process winds down!

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