Thursday, December 29, 2011

Completely Wonderful

This Christmas will be one that I'll remember as 1) The last Christmas with just Keith and I/The Christmas I was pregnant for our sweet baby boy 2) The wonderful quality time we spent with family and friends in Charleston, SC 3) How blessed we were 4) Exhausting.

Keith and I were in Charleston from Thursday (12/22) until Tuesday (12/27) and we truly had an awesome time. We were able to visit with so many friends and family members and we both felt an overwhelming sense of love. Love for the people in our lives and love for our Savior. I hate to sound so peachy about our trip, but I can't help it. It was peachy. :) I love going back to South Carolina and visiting the place that used to be home to us. Even though I didn't get to see my Louisiana family, my sister Lauren, her husband, and son live in SC and it was lovely to catch up! Here are a few pictures from our Christmas visit. 

My sister Lauren and me on Christmas Eve

I love that sweet husband of mine. :)

Family picture -- Keith, me, my nephew Baby Joe, Lauren, and her husband Romeo

My mother-in-law had a stocking for Baby Gavin!

My belly Christmas morning

My sweet niece, Brooklyn

My husband with his brothers and Dad

Sister-in-laws, my niece, me and my mother-in-law

Merry Christmas! 

We've been back in Atlanta since Tuesday evening, but life has not slowed down. Our 2 year old nephew Baby Joe came back to ATL with us and it's been a non-stop little adventure. :) 

So, how was your Christmas? I sincerely hope that you guys had one for the books!


Legally Lovely said...

I'm glad you had such a great Christmas! I love the belly shot on Christmas morning - such a cute photo!

Kaci said...

Looks like a very nice Christmas! xo

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