Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

I. am. slack.

No really, I stink at blogging and my little one isn't even born yet! I cannot image how much I'm going to neglect this poor blog come March 2012! So, I apologies in advance. :)

Life has been mostly good lately. Baby Gavin and I are doing great, my relationship with Keith is wonderful, and most importantly my relationship with God is getting stronger and stronger. And while all of this sounds peachy king, there has been family drama between my grandmother and my dad, and myself. This will not be the post where I tell you guys my sob story, but if y'all could just pray for me to have guidance as to how to handle this situation, that would be greatly appreciated.

Instead of publishing the 5 half written posts that I have saved, I've decided to go ahead and post the random topics here for Miscellany Monday.

* Keith and I are leaving for Louisiana tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT! Keith hasn't been there since last Thanksgiving, and I haven't been since that awful business trip in June. Needless to say we are super pumped to go back and visit with friends and family, while also eating the most delicious food on the planet. :) 

Thanksgiving 2010, Louisiana <3

* While there, my Mom is throwing us a baby shower! Since we won't be back until after Gavin is born, this is the only time we have to celebrate. I am so excited to see my loved ones and very thankful for the goodies Gav is going to receive. 

* Breaking Dawn. I have yet to see this movie, and am a bit worried about going to the movies at all. I literally have to pee at least once per hour, and am dreading fighting the crowds and getting a good seat, only to visit the bathroom a handful of times during the show. I wish there was an on/off button for my bladder! Lol regardless, Keith and I are going to attempt to see this movie while we're in Louisiana. 


* Clarity, Part I...I poured my heart out about what God is doing in my life, and then left you guys hanging! Part 2 deserves it's own post and I will absolutely post about this sooner than later...sorry for the delay!

I think that's all the randomness I have for today!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving??? 

Has anyone seen Breaking Dawn? :) 

Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless the USA

Thank you, veterans for all you have done for this country. 
And thanks to those who are currently serving, for all that you continue to do! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Bump - Weeks 20, 21, 22

 21 weeks, 6 days
The halfway point has come and gone and I have to say -- things are still going wonderfully! :) Today I am 22 weeks, 6 days and have no sickness to report; however I am much more tired. My belly is steadily growing and I am truly loving it...although, it is becoming more and more uncomfortable to sleep. No weird food cravings or aversions, and my weight seems to be right on track. As of this week, Baby Gavin is super active and feeling my baby boy's movement is a priceless blessing. I am especially thankful for this since I've been worried that something was wrong since I couldn't feel him up until recently. My husband has been extra helpful on days where I'm just pooped, and my cats have stopped pouncing on my stomach. Life is good. :) 
20 weeks, 2 days
I'm a bit of a mess, but eh? C'est la via. :)

21 weeks, 3 days

22 weeks, 3 days 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 vs. 2

I am SO excited for tonight's game! #1 LSU is playing #2 Alabama tonight in Tuscaloosa, and it's going to be a heck of a game! :) 

My pick? 

I mean, come on. I AM a Louisiana girl. :) 

Are you watching the game tonight? 

Who will YOU be rooting for? 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Clarity, Part 1

Last month I spilled my heart out on a topic that left me at a crossroads in my life. Long story short, I was trying to determine who I wanted to be other than a mother and a wife. Which one of my big dreams did I want to focus on and accomplish, instead of always yearning for the next project. 

I am happy to report that things have been going amazing, and I have not been sitting around making lists and analyzing the pros and cons to each dream. (This in itself is a miracle!) Instead, I have been given the clarity I so desperately wanted, and have been studying and preparing myself for what's next.

So what is it? 

Well, as I've written about before, my heart absolutely breaks when it comes to human trafficking. The fact that more people are enslaved today than during the African slave trade completely baffles me. And what's worse? Most people in today's society have no idea it is even happening. Furthermore, if they do know about it, they think it happens in places like "the Sudan", not here in America. (Someone actually told me that) 

So, as I was praying and seeking guidance from the One who holds me in His hands, different news stories, organizations, and facts were placed in front of me that completely grabbed all of my attention. These weren't things I'd never read about before, but this time when I read them my whole being ached. I was literally falling apart every time a new story was placed in front of me. It was through this that I felt God calling me to leave my other goals and dreams (Seeing the world, moving my family to Italy, getting my pilots license) behind and focus on this one.

So should I choose the path that leads me to lawyerhood and fight trafficking that way? I don't know yet. Should I become a full-time missionary and rescue girls out of slavery? I don't know yet. And you know what? I don't have to know these things yet. Here I sit, pointed in the right direction, learning and growing in Him and learning more and more about myself. The one thing I do know is that I am called to a specific area, and am preparing myself to be His hands and feet there.

You guys are never going to believe what happened next in this insanely wonderful journey that has only just begun.

To be continued...

(picture via here)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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