Monday, January 2, 2012

The First Miscellany of the Year

~ Today is January 2, 2012. And while I am filled with all of the hope that a new year brings, I can't help but feel anxious and nervous. In approximately 9 weeks, my son will be born and life as I know it will change forever. So many questions fill my mind and it amazes me how much impact one tiny person can have. But whether we are ready or not, Gavin Josiah will be here soon...and I am thankful that Keith and I were blessed with the miracle of life. For all you new moms out there -- How did motherhood change your life?

~ Today is also the first day of school for the spring semester. I am only taking 7 hours, with 4 of them being Biology 101. Ladies...I am absolutely dreading this class. I have never been good at sciences, and this class is extremely intimidating. We are expected to devote twenty hours per week to classwork, and week one includes an original 500 word post, two responses, three quizzes, and a lab. Lord. Help. Me. 

~ On the bright side, I am also taking Criminal Evidence and am SO pumped about the layout of this class. Written assignments are given in a law school final exam format, and I can't wait to see how I'll do! It's definitely perfect timing since I'll begin studying for the LSAT in a few months. 

~ One of the most special gifts I've ever received from Keith was a bracelet that he gave me for Christmas. It is a James Avery charm bracelet, and while I've never been a big fan of charm bracelets, this one has completely stolen my heart.

I love the charm and how it shows the embrace between a mother and her child, and Gavin's name engraved on the back truly makes this bracelet perfect. Thank you to my sweet husband for this wonderful gift that I'll treasure forever.
Have a lovely Monday, readers!


Callie Nicole said...

I don't know if you are ever truly ready to be a parent, but it's one of the most amazing things in this life. It is more of a challenge to go out and do things, but W adds so much joy to our lives, it doesn't even compare. And I know Gavin will add joy to your life too! Change can be scary, but don't be scared of this change, because it's a good one. :-)

Renee said...

You have a lovely blog, Lindsey! I enjoyed reading your About page and wish you many joys with your little one in the years ahead. I'm visiting with Miscellany Monday from Doorkeeper at (My site doesn't show up in my Google profile.) Blessings!

Lauren said...

I'm totally with Callie, I don't think you're ever TRULY ready..and speaking from the mouth of a very NEW mom, motherhood is HARD, but also so rewarding & worth every sleepless night and frustrating cry fit! You asked how motherhood changed my this point I'm wondering how my life DIDN'T change! ha! But trust me, the change is good...except of course for the lack of sleep!

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