Monday, January 9, 2012

A Sporty Miscellany Monday

~ Tonight is the BCS Championship game and this Louisiana girl is so pumped! LSU will be taking on Alabama (again!) in New Orleans, and while I think it's ridiculous that Alabama even made it to the championship game, I am looking forward to watching LSU beat them again. ;) For argument's sake, let's say Alabama does win. So, LSU beat them once, they would have beaten LSU once...this win would not make them the best team in college football. There was no playoff system to put Alabama in this position, and therefore Nick Saban's whole It's-just-like-when-the-Patriots-beat-the-Giants-in-regular-season-but-the-Giants-beat-the-Patriots-in-the-Superbowl analogy is invalid. :D


What's harder than beating Alabama twice?

Beating LSU once.

(I heard this on facebook and couldn't resist sharing... :) )

~ In other sports news, did anyone watch the Broncos/Steelers game last night?!?! While I'm not a fan of either team, I am a fan of Tim Tebow. And that game last night was seriously ah-mazing! 


I am SO happy that the Broncos won and I sincerely hope they do well in the rest of the playoffs. I'd love to see a Saints/Broncos Superbowl, and even though I do love Tebow, this Who Dat would be cheering for BLACK AND GOLD! :)

~ Speaking of the Saints...can I just say WHO DAT?!?!? I am SO happy that we beat the Lions and are heading into the next round of the playoffs! Brees, Sproles, Graham and the rest of the guys did an awesome job on Saturday and I am so proud. It truly was the perfect end to my birthday! :) On our immediate to-do list is 1) We beat the 49ers 2) Brees is named MVP, which he so rightly deserves!!!!

The footage is old, but the chant is the same. LOVE.

~ Saturday was my birthday, and just like last year my Discovery flight was cancelled. :( Legally we could have flown, but it was a very cloudy day and our visibility would not have been great for my first time up. We're heading back to the flight school on Thursday so (God and weather willing!!) this prego can finally fly a plane! :D

 Planes :)

My doctor's note. I love how he states "as long as there is another pilot on board", then I can fly the plane! Lol well duh!!! LOVE my doc. :)

 Me, my sweet man and Baby Gavin on my 26th. 
(That little black fur ball at the bottom is Abigail)

I'd wish I could say that I'm sorry that this turned into a sports post, but I'm kinda not.
I love sports. 

Happy Monday, readers!


Steve Finnell said...

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Stephanie said...

WHO DAT!!!!! And I hope LSU wins tonight so the Bama fans will shut up.

Brittany said...

That doctor's note cracked me up!!!

I LOVE football :D. It's so fun finding other girls who do, too.

Kaci said...

LOL! Nice doctor! Hope you had a great time!

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