Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What the Heck?!?

(The following post is what some may call a rant. Consider yourself warned)


I don't know about you guys, but I thought last night's game was a freaking joke. LSU, you played like crap! Plain and simple. More specifically, Jordan Jefferson....what were you DOING?!?! Were you hungover? Sick? Did you just choke? Regardless, it's not your fault that you were left to play in the game. That would be LES MILES' fault. Les, buddy...why didn't you give Lee a chance? Did you think that Jefferson and the OL would eventually make a first down? (You guys made 5) Or maybe that they would cross the 50 yard line? (You did this once) No? Okay, well if you were confused about what to do then maybe you should have gotten on facebook. There were only 3204732 people begging for you to put LEE in. 

You guys didn't deserve to win. 
And you sure as heck didn't show up ready to play the #2 team in the country. 

And you know what? BAMA deserved it. They fought hard. Their defense was solid (but then again it's easy to be solid when your QB can't throw a pass to save his life), QB was on-point, and their kicker actually performed well this time. So, congratulations to Alabama. You guys played well and deserve to be #1. Saban, great coaching. Les, you're an idiot!!!

End rant.

(Side note: I have never claimed to be an LSU fan, however being from Louisiana and having lived in SC/GA, I feel a fondness for them that never existed before. I do support LSU and all Louisiana teams for that matter, but when any team performs on such a craptastic level, this is my reaction. I am not disowning them nor am I a bandwagon fan. I just can't stand ignorant coaching when it's time to be clutch. That is all.)

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