Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Bump - Weeks 34, 35, 36 and a Baby Shower!

34 weeks, 3 days

Weeks 34, 35 and 36 were a bit more rough than I've been used to. During week 34, Keith and I traveled to Charleston to our baby shower and then to Charlotte, NC to Keith's job interview. During this time, my feet got extremely swollen and it was very painful. Luckily, after a few days the swelling went down and my feet returned to their normal looking selves. Sleep is becoming more uncomfortable, as I am constantly tossing and turning with my big ole belly. The hubs tells me that I'm apparently still snoring, but the good news is that I think he's getting used to it. :) Gavin's been very active and I'm loving it. My energy level is still pretty high and the only thing I'm still struggling with is random heartburn. Still craving oranges and as of recent tomatoes with Italian dressing. I am so thankful for this smooth pregnancy and hope that things stay like this through week 40!

As of our 36 week appointment, I am not dilated at all and everything is looking good!

34 weeks

35 weeks, 3 days

36 weeks


Our co-ed baby shower was held in Charleston during week 34 and we had such a fantastic time! My mother-in-law Pam did an amazing job with everything and we are so unbelievably blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life. It was a great day and we can't wait until we can get back to Charleston so everyone can meet Gav! 

Love notes for baby boy

 Us as babies

I adore this man

Our precious niece

One of our cakes, made by Pam!

"My Dad is cooler than your Dad" bib...Keith loved it!

 Loved ones

Some of my favorite Charleston ladies!

Thanks again to everyone who made this day wonderful! 
We love you all so much!


Lauren said...

you are so precious! I can't believe that your little Gavin will be here so soon! enjoy these last few weeks...once he arrives time WILL FLY!!!

Legally Lovely said...

Looks like you had a great time at your shower. Someone did a really great job on that cake!

I am impressed that you are only craving healthy things - oranges and tomatoes are good! : )

I can't believe you're only a few weeks away!!!!!

Kaci said...

You look gorgeous! Not too much longer. =)

Bursting at the Seams said...

You look amazing! I was going to send you the book Love You Forever (it is my favorite) after you found out where you guys will be... Glad you have it!! It is a Great book!!


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