Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Month Old

I cannot believe that Gavin is already one month old. This sweet little man has abundantly blessed our family and we are so thankful for this precious life. He had a check-up this morning and is weighing 10 lbs. and is 20.25" long. :) He is honestly an awesome baby and rarely ever cries. (I am so happy about this because every time he does cry, it breaks my heart!) Here's a summary of his first month!

Sleeping and Eating: He is a pretty great sleeper. For the first two weeks we were having to wake him up every 2-3 hours during the night so that he could eat. This kid slept straight through the night! But that was short lived and turned into him waking up two to three times a night. I am happy to report that last night he slept 5 straight hours (!!!!!) and is taking a few naps during the day. As of this week, he has been more alert during the day and it has been so much fun. As for his eating habits, he is breastfed and bottle fed and currently eats between 3-4 ounces per feeding. During week 3 he had a pretty significant growth spurt and his eating increased drastically. He has not had any colic, but he does have gas like an 80 year old man...and boy is it stinky! I've been trying to adjust my diet to try and figure out what's causing this. 

Likes and Dislikes: Gavin loves to do skin-to-skin with Mommy and sitting in his boppy pillow. He also likes to be in his swing and loves laying on a blanket and looking at the ceiling fan. During bath time he is very relaxed and isn't bothered if water gets onto his face. He loves the song "You Are My Sunshine" and it always calms him down whenever he is fussy during a car ride. (I love this about my little man) As for dislikes, the only thing I can think of is this: He hates having a blanket on him, but especially over his feet! He is just like his Daddy in this sense. :)

This month was filled with many firsts, including Gavin's first trip to Charleston, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. He also met his Great-Grandmother (my Me-Maw) and stayed with his Grandmaw Pam while Mommy and Daddy went on our first date since having Gav. This has been an amazing month for our family, but it has definitely been one filled with learning experiences. For me, adjusting to this no-sleep-for-mommy schedule has been rough. I have never in my life been this exhausted. Motherhood is tough and not a joke! But, this rough month has also been the most rewarding and joyful month I have ever had. Words do not describe how happy Gavin makes me. A few weeks ago, Keith, Gav and I went to Home Depot to purchase boxes for our move. Keith pushed the cart and I pushed Gavin in his stroller...and guys. I had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. I was so proud of my little family and had a fantastic time buying plain ole boxes. :) 

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