Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So Little Time...

So much to do! 

First off, thank you guys so much for your kind words about Keith's new job! We are absolutely thrilled and very excited for this new chapter in our life! :) This was the job that he interviewed for back in the beginning of February and the one we were praying he would get. This job not only gives Keith employment, but it is also the best job he'll have ever had financially! Thank you God! The benefits are fantastic and we will also be moving back to Charleston, SC. Keith was born and raised in Charleston and he is over the moon about our move back. As for me, I must confess that I'm excited, too. I lived in Charleston for 2.5 years, and while I wasn't too fond of it then I am hopeful that things will work out and that I'll truly get to know this enchanting city. :)

 Date Night in Charleston, 2010

I am claiming that this time around is going to be different, and not just for the obvious reasons. First starters, Gavin is here! Our family has expanded and this sweet child adds so much joy (and sleep deprivation...hehe) to our life. :) I can only imagine all of the things we're going to be able experience because of Gav. Also, the home that we own in Charleston is currently occupied by our very sweet tenants and will be this way until August of 2013. So, we are currently looking for a rental home. This is very exciting to me because we'll get to experience a different part of town.

We're actually heading to South Carolina this weekend to look at houses and apartments and we're hoping to find something we like and get everything situated...because we're moving in 30 days! That's right -- we have 30 days to pack up our home in Atlanta and make our way back to Charleston. Did I mention that my husband is going to be in training for this new job for two of the four weeks? As in, not home! Lol looks like Gavin and I will have to pack as much as we can! The other day I didn't get to brush my teeth until the early afternoon after 5pm (and not because I didn't want to, but because I truly did not have time!)...wonder how I'm going to juggle mommyhood and packing! 

You live and you learn, right? :)


Legally Lovely said...

How exciting! I am so glad that everything is going well for you, even though it sounds like it will go quickly! I will pray for a smooth transition. Have fun with it!

Lauren said...

oh girl, what a blessed adventure you are taking!

but I'm not sure I envy packing a home with such a tiny baby at home...make sure to rest as much as you can!

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