Thursday, May 31, 2012

30 Before 30 - A Different Perspective

When I originally created my 30 Before 30 list in January 2011, I was just turning 25 years old. Keith and I had not even been married for one year and it was just me and him. No pets and no thoughts of having a baby anytime soon. Fast-forward a year and a half and a lot has changed! More than anything, my outlook on life (and thus this list) has vastly shifted. 

So what's changed? Everything! On February 29th my son entered this world, and becoming a mother has been indescribable. Truly. I never dreamed that it would impact me this way. Sure, I knew that my life would change, but I had no idea how much. I knew that I would love this little boy more than anything, but I could never have prepared myself for this precious life. Gavin is my sunshine. :) I'm in awe of the unconditional love that I feel for my son. Further, knowing that God feels this way about me completely blows my mind. I know I sound all hunky dory, but I'm being completely honest. Does is stink (literally) when Gav pukes all over me or has a diaper blowout? Yes, absolutely. But none of the stinky stuff matters, because he is perfect to me.

This week I have been thinking about the to-do list that I've created for myself. As I thought of all of the tasks, I began to ask the following questions:

* Must these items need to be accomplished before I turn 30 years old, or is this a lifetime goal?
* How will certain items impact my family?
* Am I being selfish by wanting to do these things?
* Can any of these tasks be replaced by things that are more relevant and won't become outdated?

In August 2011 I made a few changes to The List, and I think it's time to make a few more. This time though, I will keep the above questions in mind so that this will be the last update to the 30 tasks. It's crazy how much my priorities have changed and I'm excited to make one last revision. 

I'll be back soon with my updated list, and what I'll be tackling this year!

What do you guys think? Am I breaking all of the rules by making a second change to my list? Any suggestions on what I should add that is baby/toddler friendly?

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lindsayinnyc said...

I thinking amending/updating the list is totally acceptable!

For me, I wanted some goals of things to do or experience. But I've looked at my list and think I need to make some changes too. I'd love to "refresh" my spanish skills but, truthfully, I don't have time to find a class like that into my schedule. Also, I put "see Rent on Broadway" on my list but I don't think I'm feeling it anymore. Maybe another play? I haven't decided.

At the end of the day, it's YOUR list so do what works best for you. Life changes and I see no reason why your list can't change as well!

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