Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frustration to Motivation

In yesterday's post I expressed my frustration with my current predicament -- A new mom who is loving life but unhappy/frustrated with my non-existent weight loss. I shared that a recent realization of how God sees me as His perfect child opened my eyes to accepting where I'm at currently, and also how happy I am with my life. And while all of this remains true, a strange thing happened yesterday. I stumbled upon a site that was extremely motivating and shed a lot of light on my hatred of the scale.

I was on Facebook and came across a page that a friend of mine recently "liked". The page was for a gorgeous fitness model who is in incredible shape. (Hence, the whole fitness model thing ;) I was checking out her page when I realized that this was not someone who lucked out and ended up in this industry. This is someone that worked really hard and earned her place. Her name is Kelsey Byers and she is absolute inspiration. 

See this picture? 


Awesome/incredible/inspiring, right?! How did she obtain these results? By working her butt off! She eats clean and sticks to a fitness plan filled with cardio and weights. You can read more about her story here

And now my favorite picture:


She weighs the same in each picture! From her Facebook:

"Forget the scale! The picture on the left was taken around March 1, 2010. This is right when I hired my nutritionist. Weight: 140 lbs, 24% body fat.
The pic on the right was taken June 17, 2010. About 3.5 months of clean eating. Weight: 140 lbs, 15% body fat. This is when I decided to start training to compete. 

Measure yourself & take progress pics! This is a perfect example of why NOT to get discouraged by the numbers you see on the scale!"

I can't express how encouraging this picture is! The scale truly means nothing, and here is the evidence. While I'm not planning on duplicating her routine, I will research what she did and possibly try it out. If it works for me, then great! If it doesn't then I'll keep looking. For me, the key is finding something I enjoy and sticking to it! I will say that I attempted the Insanity Fast and Furious workout on Sunday. This DVD is a 20 minute condensed version of Insanity...and I only lasted 5 minutes on Sunday before gagging and collapsing. BUT I felt good and sore and I will try it again and again until I can do it!

I know that it wasn't an accident that I stumbled upon Kelsey's page. I think that I was meant to so that I could be encouraged...so that I could believe in myself again. I still stand by everything I said yesterday, but am much more encouraged about my journey to a healthier life. 


Megan said...

Wow that is impressive!! Her story gives all of us motivation!

Lauren said...

good luck girl! all you need to do is find something you love!

I was introduced to Zumba by my best friend & LOVE it! I feel so great and can truly see a difference in my body even if the scale doesn't show it!

Caitlin said...

This is a great post! I've been working out very regularly for the past year and a half, and while I can see the change in my body, I haven't seen it in the scale numbers. I've had other people notice the change as well. I kept telling myself that it's not about the scale number, and I stopped weighing myself at the gym. It feels better to work out without being disappointed with the scale.

And I second the love for Zumba! It's my favorite few hours of the week. :)

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