Monday, June 25, 2012

Miscellany on a Rainy Monday

Good morning, readers! I sincerely hope that you guys are doing well. :) Life over here is a bit hectic, but I am adoring this season that my family and I are currently in. As you guys know, time goes by way too fast, and nothing proves this more than my sweet little boy. This week he will be 4 months old and I just can't believe it. He is pure joy. :) I'll be writing his 4 month update soon (hopefully!) but until then I wanted to share a few things:

     ~ Gavin is officially a roller! :) On Friday, June 22nd Gavin rolled over all by himself, and hasn't stopped since! Whether he's getting his diaper changed or drinking a bottle, this kid is trying to flip over. Lol it's the cutest thing I've seen so far. He's even doing a little army crawl and I know he'll be crawling before we know it. AH! Oh time, please slow down just a little. 

 Gav right after his first roll. :D

     ~ Last week, Gavin and I joined our sweet friends Melissa and Ivey (Ive's also my sis-in-law) downtown for lunch and a stroll at Battery Park. It was a beautiful day and we had such a great time. With each trip downtown I am falling more and more in love with Charleston. :)

View from our table at Fleet Landing

 Group shot!

Napping at the Battery

Me and my sweet boy

Gav and Aunt Melissa


And here's a little miscellany...

* Last night, I watched Lady and the Tramp for the first time. Not sure how I missed this one when I was a kid, but I'm glad I've finally seen it. What a sweet little movie! I can't wait (well, I can but you know what I mean) until Gav is old enough to watch movies with us. I'm anxious to see his reaction to movies that Keith and I love. 

* This weekend, if the weather allows, I am finally going to learn how to play tennis! I've been wanting to learn how to play for years now and I can't wait to get out there. The hubs has already taught me the rules and point system, so all that's left is actually going out and playing. Yay! Here's to a good experience, a great workout, and scratching #15 off of The List.

*Speaking of The List, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I have finally decided on what's get kicked off and what new items I'll be adding. More on that later...  

* And finally, I am very excited to share that the time has come -- I am studying for the October LSAT!!! I've mentioned numerous times before about my intentions on studying, but I've finally begun! I'm enrolled in Blueprint's LSAT prep course and I am loving it. Seriously. I never thought I'd enjoy studying for this beast of a test, but I do! Better yet, I am dramatically improving and feel confident in my ability to rock this test. And I've only completed the first lesson. :) I'm really looking forward to the rest of my lessons and am anxiously waiting for Test Day (103 days from now, but who's counting?). 


Megan said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!

I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis! Let me know how it goes!

Lauren said...

what sweet photos! I can't believe how big he is getting!

Elyse rolled over fairly early as well & then just decided she didn't want to do it anymore until about 4 1/2 she's sitting up like a big girl, can't believe how fast they are developing!

Kaci said...

He's so darn cute! =) Good luck with the LSAT. XO

Legally Lovely said...

That last photo of you and your handsome boy is so beautiful! I hope you have that framed and hanging up in your house!! He is such a cutie pie!

Good luck on all your studying!

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