Monday, December 31, 2012

Moments to Remember in 2012

2012 was quite a year! While I wasn't the best blogger, I was busy finishing up school, being a mommy and wife, moving a few times, and overall just learning how to be a better me. This year was definitely filled with abundant blessings! 

January 7th - My 26th Birthday 

January 15th - Cabin trip to Ellijay, Georgia  

January 29th - South Carolina Baby Shower

February 29th - Gavin Josiah was born!

March 7th - Two year anniversary

(Gav was one week old, so this is what we did. :) )

March 15th - KC got his new job

April 15th - Moved back to Charleston 

May 13th - My 1st Mother's Day 

May 28th - Visit to Chimney Rock Park in Asheville, NC

June 17th - Keith's 1st Father's Day 

 (The only picture I have of them on this day)

June 22nd - Gav's first time rolling over

July 26th - Keith's 27th Birthday

August 31 - Trip to Gatlinburg, TN

September 8th - Moved back into our house :)

September 19th - Gav's first time crawling!


October 23rd - Found out we're expecting baby #2

November 22nd - 26th - Louisiana/Texas Thanksgiving

December 15th - I finished my undergraduate studies!!!!

(This is how I finished most of my final semester)

December 25th - Gavin's first Christmas

I am very much looking forward to what 2013 holds for my family.

Happy New Year!!!


Friday, December 28, 2012

More on Sweet Baby #2

***Hello, readers! It's me, Lindsey. Remember me? I hope so. I have been absent for quite a bit but am finally ready to break the silence. Today I am posting something that I wrote a month and a half ago. It's about sweet #2 and I am so sad that it's taken me so long to hit publish. I hope all of you are doing wonderful, and I will definitely be back soon. :) ***

I still can't believe it. I cannot believe that I'm going to be a Mom again...and so soon! It absolutely amazes me that we were graced with this blessing. Keith and I did not plan on having another child for at least a few more years, but God has other plans for our family. To be honest, I don't know why I even bother making plans anymore, because I know that God is control of my life, and I am not. This is so hard for be to grasp because I'm such a planner, but I'm definitely learning to let go. :)

I guess I should start from the beginning in my discovery of this pregnancy nearly two weeks ago. (The following may be a bit TMI for some people...consider yourself warned.)

Just like my first pregnancy, I was only a few days late and decided to take a pregnancy test to rule pregnancy out. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms, but I didn't know what else to do since Flo had not shown up yet. So, I took two tests in the evening on October 22nd. They were both negative.

Just to make sure, I took another one in the morning to confirm the results since the hCG hormone is strongest in the morning. Well, this one was positive.

Holy. Moly.

I used a cheap pregnancy test strip and the second line was really faint, so I didn't think much of it. Gavin and I were heading to Wal-Mart later in the day to get an oil change for Keith's car, so I figured I'd pick up a box of better tests. When we got home, I took two...and they were very much positive.

I immediately began crying and felt joy and fear. Joy because I was going to be a mom again and would experience another pregnancy. Joy because a new life will be entering this world. Joy because Gavin is going to have a sibling. And fear...well, fear because I remember in great detail the pain of labor and delivery. I only experienced this with Gav 8 months ago and it's scary to think that this will be happening again so soon. More than fear, I was overwhelmed. Could I handle two kiddos that will be 15ish months apart?!

After I got over the initial shock, I started thinking about ways to tell Keith. He was traveling out of state for work and would be flying home that night. I called a few stores looking for a Big Brother onesie for Gav to wear, but couldn't find any. So, I made one with an iron-on template I had.

Then, to add to this I picked up two balloons, a blue one and a pink one, and tied them to Gav's stroller. We waited at Keith's gate for the big reveal.

Keith got off of the plane and came towards us looking confused. The first thing he said was "Why do you have balloons?" I shrugged and kept looking at Gav. I tugged on his onesie a little and Keith's eyes got really wide, he scrunched his nose, and said "Big brother? Are you pregnant?????" I excitedly said yes and we spent a few minutes hugging and talking right there at Charleston Airport's B gate. He didn't believe me at first, so I pulled out a ziplock full of pregnancy tests. :) (I knew I brought those with us for a reason.)

We definitely aren't the kind of people to keep this kind of news to ourselves, so we called our family. To be honest, the first few phone calls were extremely disappointing. A family member on my side and two on Keith's had very ugly responses to our news. I was in tears at their reactions and felt really awful, but thankfully other (nicer) loved ones were so happy for us and made us feel better. I will say that 2 of 3 of the rude folks called to apologize, but that's a totally different story that I won't be ruining this post with. :)

When we got home, Gav had a ball playing with the balloons and Keith and I sat a long time and just talked. We didn't understanding the timing of it all (still don't) but we know God has great plans for our family. We were not trying to get pregnant, and were actually taking steps to prevent this from happening, but God blessed us with this baby. I have my moments where I panick and think that I absolutely won't be able to do this again, but I'm soon comforted and know that I can, and I will.

As of today, I am 6 weeks pregnant and am praying for another wonderful pregnancy and birth experience. We are back in Charleston, and I'll be taking advantage of the local birth center and will try for another natural birth. I am anxious to meet my new little one and am excited to find out the gender of this sweet child. I'm also greatly looking forward to spending tons of quality time with Gav before #2 arrives. Our family is expanding very rapidly, and I am just very thankful for this life that I'm living.

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