Friday, November 2, 2012

No Words


It won't be easy. 

But you will recover. 

You'll come back stronger than before. 

You always do.

You're resilient.

You're beautiful.

And I'm sending all of my love, thoughts, and prayers to you.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eight Months Old

**Thanks so much for all of the love on baby #2! I appreciate you guys so much!**

Well, I've been a bad momma in documenting Gav's monthly updates. The last one I wrote was at five months! I'll do my best to remember everything my sweet man has done over the past few months. 

Sleeping and eating: Gav typically goes to sleep between 8pm and 10pm and will sleep until 6am to 9am. He also takes two naps during the day (morning and afternoon) although sometimes he skips them altogether. On those days he gets a bit fussy, but don't they all? As for eating, he's been enjoying baby food since around six months, and his favorites are pears, sweet potatoes, white beans, and apples and blueberries. He strongly dislikes peas, green beans, and carrots. I've been buying organic food, but plan to start making his food to save some money and to also give him more of a variety. Gav really likes organic carrots and cheddar munchies and sweet potato puffs. He's still drinking 4-5 bottles a day at 5-6oz each, with around 4oz of baby food twice a day.

Likes and dislikes: A lot has happened since G's last update. He is a little crawling machine! He still likes Sophie, but not the Jumperoo too much. He now loves his little kid remote control and destroying our house. ;) He likes knocking all of the DVDs off of the DVD shelf, climbing the TV stand and turning the cable box off, chewing on the house telephone, and putting anything and everything in his mouth. He has been doing really well interacting with our cats, and likes petting them. I will say he also likes pulling their tails, but the second that he starts to go for it, the cats take off running! We no longer use the boppy pillow and he's figured out how to escape from the bumbo seat. 

He is a fantastic traveller and has been liking his car seat. I love going shopping with him because he is so easy. He's not crazy about the song You Are My Sunshine anymore but really likes Skinna Ma Rinky Dinky Dinky (?), Hush Little Baby, I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, and anything by Taylor Swift. No kidding. I listen to her a lot and I think she relaxes little man. Lately I've been letting him watch Disney Junior in the morning, and the only show that he really pays attention to is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Whenever Gav hears the opening song he gets SO excited. It's adorable. :) One of his favorite things to do is take a bath. This kid LOVES playing in the water. He also likes sitting in the grass in our backyard. He is definitely a momma's boy, and loves to be super silly with me. 


September 19 -- Crawled for the first time!

Has a total of 4 teeth now!

And last but not least, we found out he's a big brother on October 23rd! 

Gavin is such a blessing and brings an indescribable amount of joy to our lives. Everyday is a new adventure and I am so thankful to be this little dude's mom. :D

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