Thursday, March 14, 2013

The City

In September 2011, a few months before Gavin was born, Keith and I booked a babymoon to NYC. We purchased plane tickets, booked our bed and breakfast, and had everything planned. Due to a change in heart, we cancelled our trip. I was so bummed out, but I knew it was right decision. Fast forward a year and a half later and we're back to planning a trip to New York City. Except this time, it's really happening! 

On Thursday, April 4th, Keith, Gavin, and I are boarding a non-stop flight to The Big Apple! :) We'll land at 8:00am and aren't coming back to South Carolina until Sunday afternoon. We've got our plane tickets and hotel booked, Keith's vacation time has been approved, and we even purchased tickets to....a Yankees/Red Sox GAME! Going to this game knocks #24 off my 30 Before 30 list. While there, I'll also be conquering #23 - Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and #16 - Have Breakfast at Tiffany's! :) 

We are all so excited about this trip, as it is much needed and well deserved. Keith has been working so hard at his job and is such an excellent provider, and he deserves a break from it all and to go on vacation. As for me, I think my 24/7 gig as a mom earns me a vacation. ;) Additionally, it's going to be a celebration trip. Between our 3 year anniversary on March 7th, me finishing up my undergraduate studies, and this being our last vacation with Gavin as an only child, we have every reason to celebrate!

And while Gavin is coming along, we're not worried that this will feel more like work. I hate to brag or sound annoying, but he's such a great kid and has never given us trouble on past trips. We feel blessed to experience NYC with our son and are looking forward to making memories. This will be G's first time on a plane, but we're hoping for the best. 

The countdown is on, and we've officially got 21 days until our trip, and I can't wait!

NYC Friends/Friends who've visited: Any advice on the best shoes to wear?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gavin's 1st Birthday and Party!

On Friday, March 1st, my baby boy turned 1! To celebrate this wonderful day, Keith, Gavin, my sis Lauren, nephew Joe, and I headed to the Charleston Aquarium. Gavin loved all of the fish and had a really good time smushing his face against all of the tanks. :)

Then on Saturday (3/2), we had our family and friends over for Gavin's birthday party! I started planning his party right after Christmas, so come March everything was done! We had a great time celebrating with everyone and I know that Gav enjoyed himself.

Adult and Kiddo Favors

Yummy Food

The Cake

Table and Front Porch

Food Table with 12 Month Banner

Once all of our guests arrived, everyone ate and socialized.

Then we opened presents!

(I love this last picture! :))

And finally, we sang happy birthday and ate cake! 

The party was a major success, and I am extremely thankful for this amazing first year with my first born. He is an incredible little guy and I'm so happy that God blessed us with him! :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

* Hi, friends. I hope all of you are doing more than well. I realize that it is almost the middle of March and I've only posted a handful of times this year, but I need to be honest. My blog had kind of become a burden. That burden turned into me not caring and ultimately having zero desire to write at all. I guess that's what happens when I keep going missing from blogland. However, over the weekend I was catching up on a few blogs that I love, and they reminded me that my blog doesn't have to be a serious space where I write all of these profound thoughts. My blog is whatever I want it to be. For me, it's a space where I can get my thoughts out on "paper", document Gav's milestones, pregnancy #2 and life in general, and just connect with all of you lovely ladies. So, here I go again. Making an effort to write regularly. I promise I'll do better this time. :)

* I want to share the link to a Thirty-One party that my mother-in-law is hosting for her great-niece, Ashtyn. Two years ago, Ashtyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of four and is currently being treated in New Orleans at Tulane Hospital. Ashtyn's mom, Jacque, is a Thirty-One consultant and any additional income will help with medical bills and is much appreciated. Also, my MIL is donating all hostessing gifts to St. Baldricks! If you are in the market for a Thirty-One bag, please consider purchasing by clicking this link, and then going to "My Parties" and selecting the one for Pam Christmas. I have a few of these bags and love them! Thanks in advance! 

* For Valentine's Day, my family and I spent the day in Asheville, North Carolina. Keith needed to be there for work, so we decided to join him. We had a great day in the beautiful mountains, and spent our time at the Biltmore Estate eating lunching at Cedric's Tavern and exploring the grounds of the beautiful Biltmore! We arrived a little too late to tour the house, but did score some complimentary passes for our next visit. 

* Last week, my husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Due to Keith's work schedule, we weren't able to spend the day together, or even go out to dinner that night, but you know what? That was okay. Keith works so hard and I know that he does so for Gav, Arabella, and me. And we appreciate it that man so much. We did get to Skype a few times during the day and that made my heart so happy. On Saturday, we spent the day together (with Gavin, too!) and it was extremely wonderful. Keith, I love you more and more each year, and I am so thankful for this life that we have together. Thanks for being an amazing husband and father. You're my mais!

* On February 20th, my little man got his first haircut! I know it's probably not a big deal for many of you, but my sweet little baby got a haircut. Meaning that he's growing up, and is not quite a little baby anymore. *sigh* We went to a cute little kid's salon and Gavin did great! He sat on my lap and carefully watched a very nice lady cut off his golden hair. 

* Have you guys seen this? I'm not big on flash mobs, but I love the Big Bang Theory. :D

Well friends, that's all the miscellany I've got for today. I wish you all a wonderful Monday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Year Old

One Year Photo Shoot

Today, our sweet baby boy turns one. Well, technically he was born on February 29th, but today is our day of celebration. This past year was filled with more laughter and love than I ever thought could be possible. It was a year of growth, a year of realizing that I can survive on a few hours of sleep, and a year of loving someone so much that it felt like my heart would burst. And although it went by way too quickly, it was the best year of my life. Becoming a mother is without a doubt my greatest earthly blessing and I am beyond grateful to be Gavin's mommy.

While it saddens me that my baby boy is no longer a "baby", I am so extremely proud of him. He is truly a happy child with best laugh and hugs and habits. He is kind and loving and will make an excellent brother to his little sister. Words cannot express my love for him or the amount of joy that he brings to my life. I hear a lot people say "I can't wait until my kid can talk!" or "I can't wait until they're older!" But for me, I can wait. I have enjoyed every season with Gavin, and treasure each moment knowing that time is fleeting. It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been worth it.

Tomorrow, we are having his birthday party and I have been preparing for the past two months (I'm a liiiitle Type A with a dash of OCD when it comes to planning). This past week I finished making decorations, buying food, and working on a photo montage. Today, we  are exploring Charleston with my husband, nephew, and sister. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world and thank God everyday for my son and husband.


Today is a big day. Today, you turn one. I want you to know that you are an incredible little boy. Honestly. You make my heart so happy every single day and I am very happy and thankful to be your mommy. When I sing to you that you are my sunshine, I truly mean that. You bring so much light into this world and you will doing amazing things. I just know it. Happy birthday, baby!

Love, Mommy 

 Newborn Photo Shoot
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